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What is a freight broker and how do they fit into shipping?

Simplistically, a freight broker is an intermediary between shippers and carriers. But like everything in shipping and trucking, freight brokering isn’t that simple.

Electric vs Diesel Trucks

Comparing the Total Cost of Ownership of Electric Vs. Diesel Trucks

In the past, diesel gas was the only option for fueling a big rig. Thanks to modern technologies, however, truckers may soon have another option: electric trucks.

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Fuel Savings, Trends in Drayage, and a Look at the Year Ahead

A new year’s resolution for Envase was to release a monthly newsletter… and so far, so good! Here’s what we’ve been up to in January 2022!

Fleet Management Data

A Guide to Maximizing Your Fleet Management Data

Fleet management data can shed light on your operations, exposing weaknesses and illuminating opportunities for improvement.

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Looking back at 2021 and ahead to 2022 in Intermodal Trucking

From supply chains to port congestion, infrastructure investments to remote work, it has been a new world out there for the trucking industry.

Self driving Trains

How Self-Driving Trains May Impact the Transportation Industry

With driverless technology developing at such a rapid pace, a self-driven train may become a reality sooner than one would expect.

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a Watershed Moment for Trucking

America finally got the investment in roads, highways, and bridges—critical infrastructure for trucking—it’s needed for decades.

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How Increased Technology Will Help Driver Retention

The trucking industry is one that will always be in need of new drivers. Thankfully, technology has entered the industry and many think it may be a cure for the turnover rates.

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Containerization’s Impact on Intermodal Shipping and the Modern Global Economy

The use of containers in shipping irrevocably changed how goods were sent for trade, making the modern globalized economy possible.

Stopping Distances and Fuel Economy: Where Does the Balance Lie for Fleet Operators?

In order to achieve a healthy balance between fuel economy and safety for their drivers and other road users, fleet managers should prioritize these tire features.

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