Pacella delivers with new automated rate platform


Pacella built trust and confidence as a long-term intermodal partner. Its excellent record of on-time service and making rail cut-offs has built a reputation of offering the best quality intermodal trucking services in the region. But they tracked all of their rates on paper, which was inefficient to manage and prone to human error.

“We had tons of paper with all of the rates on it, if we wanted to make a change, we had to print out all of the paper again, so it wasn’t easy to manage.” 

Tony Pacella, CEO

An industry colleague recommended that Pacella look into DrayMaster, an automated rate management platform that could transform and improve the company’s rate quote process. 


From start to finish, the rate quote process has become faster, easier and more accurate for Pacella with DrayMaster. Pacella now builds rates faster, more accurately and delivers better customer service by leveraging DrayMaster’s single source platform for managing the complexities of their intermodal drayage moves. 

Best of all Pacella can:

  • Build rates for thousands of destinations in seconds
  • Deliver more accurate rate quotes
  • Get rates to customers faster 

To read the full case study, click here.

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