Embracing Technology to Stay Competitive

The biggest thing technology does for small and midsize trucking companies is give them the tool set they need to be competitive

Small and midsize companies – brokers and carriers alike – often wait to adopt new technologies because frequent upgrades stress their bottom line, sometimes from temporary lost productivity as staff trains up on new functionality. New systems also can come with hefty price tags and long lead times, so companies need to see empirical proof that a new tool will be worth the hassle – and be confident in the expected return. Unfortunately, they are being eclipsed by both larger companies and their less risk-averse peers while they are waiting for that proof to show up.


Adoption is a learning curve, and you have to commit to it. The margins in these businesses are so slim and the competition is so stiff, you have to adopt anything that will free up your time and allow you to focus on building relationships with your customers.

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