Reconcile invoices faster

Have you been surprised by extra fees on your drayage carrier invoices that you were not expecting? Fees like chassis fees, accessorial charges, equipment rental fees, tolls, waiting time fees, demurrage, reefer, etc.

With shipment margins getting thinner everyday, those fees can really take a bite out of your profit, and take up time trying to validate the added expenses.

In a lot of cases the fees weren\’t included on the drayage quote when you requested it – you may have missed them hidden in the trucker\’s email footer. If you had known all the fees, you might have even selected a different carrier.

Then comes the invoice dispute process where your payable guys want you to either get the invoice adjusted and re-billed or explain why you didn\’t protect enough $$ in your shipment file. What a time killer!

There is a solution.

All of these headaches can be avoided by subscribing to DrayMaster. With DrayMaster, all of the known charges are calculated and listed on the quote so there are no surprises when the invoice arrives.

DrayMaster will put you in command of choosing the best provider by giving you all the facts to make apples-to-apples comparisons. At the tip of your fingertips, you get instant precise rate quotes from multiple carriers.

If you are a 3PL, Freight Forwarder or Broker…register for our webinar here, truckers register for a demo here.

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