How Increased Technology Will Help Driver Retention

The trucking industry is one that will always be in need of new drivers. The very nature of supply and demand in this country creates an ever growing need for transportation and competent truckers. However, turnover rates have recently become a significant issue. The industry is already suffering from a driver shortage, and the increasing turnover rates have left some fleets drastically short-handed. Without an improvement, the shortage will grow to the point of having a significant impact on our economy. Almost 70% of our nation’s goods1 are shipped using trucks. 

Our economy teeters on the edge of steep precipice. Unless efforts are made to replace the thousands of truckers needed, the economy may go over that edge. Thankfully, technology has entered the industry. The trucking industry has been given a wealth of technological advances over the past few years, and many think it may be a cure for the turnover rates – and consequently, the shortage.

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