How to Grow your Freight Business with Technology

Are you looking to expand and gain an advantage in the transportation industry? 

Discover how you can take control with tech to level the playing field between you and the big trucking outfits. Leverage these four break-through trucking technologies to help drive growth to your freight business: 

  • Tailwind’s web-based trucking software helps you take full control of your business  
  • Fintech\’s Excise Tax Refund Program frees up cash for your business 
  • Hubtek provides virtual and automated workforces to allow you to scale 
  • e4score gives you affordable asset and app-less shipment event tracking 

These technologies will address your end-to-end process of managing transportation to keep you sustainable, profitable, and growing. Best of all, they can help you compete and win in this extremely challenging market at a fraction of the price! 

How a Web-based Trucking Software Helps your Business 

Tailwind has been providing trucking & freight broker software for small to mid-sized companies for the past 20 years. With Tailwind\’s web-based TMS there are no installations needed – you\’re able to get up and running in minutes. Plus, you always get the latest tech as updated versions of the software are released every 2-weeks and immediately applied to all users.


Tailwind\’s TMS gives you the tools to stay on top of all the critical details of your equipment – OEM details, maintenance and availability. For your drivers, you’re able to track their licenses, certifications and pay rate. Tailwind also has a free POD Complete mobile app that allows you to invoice your customer before your driver even leaves their dock.  


Have other applications that you want to tie into your trucking software? With Tailwind\’s API you can easily build your own custom integrations. Incorporating Tailwind\’s all-in-one TMS into your day-to-day operations will make your workflows more efficient, allowing you to spend more time on what matters – building your business!

Get Back the Money You\’re Owed – Improve Cash Flow and Profits with a Excise Tax Refund 

FinTech Solutions was born out of the challenge to “survive” in the Trucking Business. Fintech understands that in the day to day world of what you do it\’s all about keeping your trucks loaded and rolling in order to meet the challenges of generating cash flow.  


Navigating through the ups & downs of the economy and government regulations can be difficult. As a result, Fintech brings a focus for keeping more of the hard-earned money you make. Fintech reviews, calculates, audits & prepares compulsory information for electronic submission to the IRS in order to maximize your refund opportunity.


The Federal Excise Tax (FET) Program is for all Reefer Carriers. Fintech\’s fees range from $180 to $275 per trailer and are calculated based on the length of the agreement and complexity of the filing work required. Since Fintech doesn\’t charge on a percentage of refund basis, the larger the refund amount, the more money you keep!

Scale your Business by Automating your Workforce 

Hubtek is a leading provider of task automation and outsourced talent in the logistics industry. They provide several solutions for carriers, 3PL companies and Freight Forwarders. Services such as co-managed staffing and intelligent automation can provide companies with exponential growth.


Co-managed staffing can save companies up to 60% in their workforce costs. Hubtek provides highly talented, bilingual, professionals that are well-trained to fit your needs. Daily processes such as invoicing, order entry and carrier\’s settlement can be automated through Hubtek – allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Hubtek also offers intelligent automation referred to as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is intelligent automation using virtual assistants called \’Tabi\’. All the day to day tasks that are repetitive, mundane, and take up too much time can be completed with Tabi. The virtual assistant can complete tasks 200 times faster with 100% accuracy. 

\”Tabi\” the virtual assistant

You will see an immediate ROI within the first quarter by using Hubtek\’s services. Once you free up dedicated human resources, you can focus on the bigger picture which leads to a significant increase in growth, productivity and efficiency.

Affordable Asset and Shipment Tracking 

e4score offers tech tools, EZTrack and EZCheck-In, for the logistics and transportation industry that reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure compliance. The e4score suite provides end-to-end visibility tools that are used by shippers, carriers and brokers.  


EZCheck-In\’s $1-a-load shipment tracking makes it easy for drivers to submit shipment events (arrived, at gate, loaded and departed) at each stop and to report their location while en route to pick-up or delivery.  The events are GPS-confirmed so you always get trusted visibility.  

E4Score also provides EZTrack, an affordable trailer tracker with pricing starting at $71 per trailer per year. The easily installed device comes with a 3-year battery life and tracks location, temperature and motion. With no integration required you’re able to register and start saving immediately.  


See an instant increase in profits by maximizing trailer utilization and avoiding \’lost trailers\’ with EZTrack. Plus, get happy drivers with EZCheck-In because there\’s no app to download, no check calls, and no tracking overhang that violates their privacy. Outperform the competition, deliver with confidence and grow your business all with EZCheck-In & EZTrack.

Taking Control with Tech Tools  

Learn more about how to accelerate your freight business by watching the \’Taking Control – Tech Tools That Give You The Advantage\’ webinar hosted by Fusion Transport. This webinar will give you an in-depth look into the tools that will grow your freight business without spending a fortune!

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