envase order ai

Process automation

Streamlined work order intake into a time-saving flow.

Error reduction

Complete data capture and identification of anomalies.

Industry specific

Tailored to intermodal drayage.

Proprietary knowledge acquisition

Complex customer rules transformed into automated actions.

Continuous learning

Ongoing adaptation of new & changing work order input.

Workforce optimization

Flexibility to refocus workforce to higher priority tasks.

Work orders are received by Envase Order AI
via email, file or manual entry

Order details are extracted,
corrected and normalized

Modifications are learned and integrated
into processing engine

Business rules, including order type,
location, and customer-specific
variations, are applied

Input is reviewed
and approved

Data transferred in dispatch-ready
form to TMS

...and it works with

envase order ai order entry

ONE simple tool manages all of the complexity

Reduces errors and manual entry with sophisticated data handling technology

Presents original documents and extracted data side-by-side for quick validation

Capable of extracting 100s of data elements through multiple proprietary processes

Applies customer-specific and location-specific business rules eliminating the need to recall and apply countless details

Constantly improves data accuracy and rules engine efficiency by evaluating modifications and updating processes

Delivers work orders with customer-specific rates when integrated with a DrayMaster account

Displays shipments in the TMS with all data, events and legs dispatch-ready

Provides a straightforward dashboard for viewing, searching, and sorting work orders

Accepts orders in multiple formats including PDF, excel, CSV, and EDI

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