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Never Miss a Delay Again

Track your delays using GPS Data
Delay Tracking Timeline

Why Envase Delay Tracking?

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Catch Every Delay

You'll never be paid for the delays you don't bill
  • Auto calculation of delay charges using GPS data
  • Approaching free time customer notifications
  • One click approval triggers:
    • Enter delay accessorial into TMS
    • Enter GPS screenshot into TMS
    • Email customer

Standardize Your Process

Workflow-centric design makes training and monitoring easy
  • Management dashboard
  • Delays accumulate for review
  • Every potential delay's status is tracked and available for inspection
motor carriers standardize process
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Geo-fencing that works...

...even without a geo-fence
Geo-fences are great... until they don’t exist or are in the wrong place. Blackfly tracks all meaningful stops, even if they are outside a geo-fence.
  • Identify stops outside geo-fences
  • Track lines outside facilities
  • De-bounced geo-fence entries and exits

Why Envase Delay Tracking?​


One fleet, one month, one big (data) opportunity

developers data flow diagram

Algorithms you need, an API you’ll love

Our well documented API gives you:
  • De-bounced geo-fencing
  • Wait outside facility calculations
  • Match TMS itineraries to GPS data
  • Identify stops outside geo-fences

Focus on your special sauce

Spend your time making your core features great, not implementing basic geo-fencing. Basic doesn’t cut it. Give your customers a great experience today.
With the Blackfly API and your saved dev time, you could:
  • Improve customer visibility
  • Automate driver communication
  • Make an exceptions feed
  • Visualize shipment costs

A medium fleet produce millions of data points a months.

To handle all this data, Blackfly uses:
  • Specialized time series databases
  • A geospatial engine
  • Custom tile servers
  • Event streams
Building a performant and reliable solution is difficult. Let us handle it!

Why Envase Delay Tracking?


per delay tracked

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  • Enriched GPS data for:
    • Auto-arrive, auto-depart
    • Customer visibility
    • Cost analysis
    • Process automation
  • On-premise TMS connectivity
  • Proprietary TMS
  • 2,000+ delays per month
  • Custom Development


Envase Lite is optimized for motor carriers with one to ten drivers.

When it goes live you'll be able to sign-up for (and log into) the Envase Lite TMS online. You'll then be able to send links to your drivers to download the mobile app onto their phones through the TMS.

For fleets of ten or more trucks, contact info@envasetechnologies.com to discuss your needs.

Yes. Envase Lite integrates directly with other terminals, partners, tracing services, and TMS's — including those within the Envase family: Compcare Services, GTG, Profit Tools, and Tailwind.

Envase Lite is available anywhere loads can be offered, assigned, and accepted across North America.
Envase Lite is a product of Envase Technologies, whose mission is to deliver a single, streamlined system that digitizes the lifecycle of a container across the intermodal ecosystem.
For help to download, install, or use Envase Lite, please contact support@envaselite.com.

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