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The FREE TMS for Digital Drayage

Digitizing drayage to level the playing field for small intermodal carriers and owner operators

The FREE Digital Drayage TMS

Envase Lite is a cloud-based, comprehensive drayage Transportation Management System (TMS) built specifically for small intermodal carriers and owner operators. Envase Lite empowers drivers and dispatchers to optimize every step of their workflow in one easy-to-use platform. If you move containers, Envase Lite is your co-pilot. Envase Lite is always free for single-driver operations, FREE for a year for 2-10 drivers, and only $49/month per driver after.

Envase Lite: The Next-Gen App for Digital Drayage

Why Envase Lite?

Optimize all business functions

Optimize all business functions

Manage order entry, dispatch, billing, settlements, and driver safety using one system. View KPIs to find new efficiencies.

Digitize Order Entry

Digitize Order Entry

Automate any type of order with EDI and touchless, AI-powered, machine-learning OCR technology.

Automate Invoices and Payments

Automate Invoices and Payments

Speed up billing functions with paperless documents, and integrate with accounting packages like QuickBooks and Sage Intacct.

Track Loads in Real-Time

Track Loads in Real-Time

See where your drivers and containers are located every step of the way. Chat with drivers while in-transit.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

One location to manage all load documentation, statuses, last free day, and completeness.

Connect to other TMS, Terminals, Partners

Connect to other TMS, Terminals, Partners

Communicate with tracing services and TMS systems — including those within the Envase family: Compcare Services, GTG, Profit Tools, and Tailwind.

Why Envase Lite?

Access New Loads ‘On-the-Fly’

Access New Loads ‘On-the-Fly’

Receive orders best fit for your qualifications, current location, hours-of-service and driver preferences.

Go Paperless!

Upload documents and collect e-Signatures in real-time directly through the mobile app, ‘COVID-Proof’ your POD process to limit risk, protect colleagues and family.
Go Paperless!
Your Own ‘Second Seat’ Dispatcher

Your Own ‘Co-Pilot’ Dispatcher

Chat with dispatch or the customer directly through the app. View instructions, check load details, and modify departure times to keep everyone in sync.

Driver Dashboards

View metrics and graphics to track and compare personal load history, revenue and miles.
Driver Dashboards
Driver Marketplace

Driver Marketplace

On-the-road access to fuel discount programs, parking, street turns, and other driver services via Envase Exchange.

Driver Tools

Geofencing for auto arrive/depart, GPS load status visibility, turn-by-turn directions with traffic status, re-routing options, weather updates and more.
Driver Tools

Envase Lite is FREE for the first year for up to 10 drivers

And ALWAYS FREE for single-driver operations!

Envase Lite is your co-pilot that saves you time and money.

What can Envase Lite do for you?

Total Visibility

  • View past routes, total distances, number of loads, and earnings.
  • See assigned loads, offers, and route details in one place.
  • Make data-driven decisions and improve profit predictability.
  • Manage a fleet of up to ten trucks on one platform.

2-Way Communication

  • Connect with dispatch and customers directly through the app.
  • One-touch chat and video calls.
  • Real-time updates and notifications.
  • Get load details and modify departure times.

Move Money Faster

  • Works with QuickBooks and other accounting packages
  • Review and submit settlements directly from the app
  • Upload and scan documents

Manage Safety & DOT

  • Update profiles, upload documentation, manage reports
  • Scan and upload safety compliance information and store in one convenient place
  • Manage Records of Duty Status (RODS) and driver logs

Sync with Customers, Drivers, Partners

  • Talk with TMS tools and platforms within the Envase brand family (Compcare Services, GTG, Profit Tools, Tailwind)
  • Communicate with terminal APIs and appointment systems


Envase Lite is optimized for motor carriers with one to ten drivers.

Envase Lite is always FREE for single-driver operations, FREE for a year for 2-10 drivers, and only $49/month per driver after.

When it goes live you'll be able to sign-up for (and log into) the Envase Lite TMS online. You'll then be able to send links to your drivers to download the mobile app onto their phones through the TMS.

For fleets of ten or more trucks, contact info@envasetechnologies.com to discuss your needs.

Yes. Envase Lite integrates directly with other terminals, partners, tracing services, and TMS's — including those within the Envase family: Compcare Services, GTG, Profit Tools, and Tailwind.

Envase Lite is available anywhere loads can be offered, assigned, and accepted across North America.
Envase Lite is a product of Envase Technologies, whose mission is to deliver a single, streamlined system that digitizes the lifecycle of a container across the intermodal ecosystem.
For help to download, install, or use Envase Lite, please contact support@envaselite.com.

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