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Transportation management software designed for transportation operations

From dispatch and maintenance to warehousing and sales, Infosite has your transportation management software needs covered

We believe that our transportation management software should adapt to you and not you to the software

Infosite Technologies is a complete suite of transportation management software that is easy to use and designed for transportation operations.

The Infosite offering is flexible and will adapt easily to your business needs. With competitive pricing, the Infosite DM suite covers all your transportation management needs, regardless if you’re a start-up carrier or a well-established 3PL.

infosite technologies transportation management software

Why use Infosite Technologies transportation management software?



Infosite Technologies Inc. has the complete Transportation Management Software in REAL TIME!

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Our software is modular with plug-in interfaces. Pay only for what you need; add on as you grow!

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Our software has multiple settings to adapt to your needs.


Environmentally friendly

Become paperless and be part of a greener world!

What can Infosite Technologies transportation management software do for you?



The Complete Transportation Management Software — Dispatch-Mate allows to locate drivers, trucks, equipment and verify trip statuses in real-time! Dispatch-Mate handles everything from dispatching to invoicing. It includes settlements, scheduling and administration all the while integrating with most other essential accounting, mileage, and fuel card software.

Designed for:

  • 3pls
  • FL/LTL carriers
  • Intermodal / freight forwarders
  • Auto carriers
  • Specialized carriers: tankers and/or fuel delivery, bulk carriers, local deliveries, private fleets...

Dispatch-Mate features

  • User defined O/E and dispatch board
  • User defined 3rd party logistics status board
  • Document Imaging for POD’s
  • Virtual white board
  • Driver settlement/trip sheet
  • Document tracking and monitoring
  • Auto-Rating/Auto-Costing for LTL
  • Multiple terminal consolidation and cross-docking
  • Controls drayage, demurrage and free days
  • Auto-Rating/Auto-Costing for LTL
  • Controls drayage, demurrage and free days
  • Full yard inventory control
  • Comprehensive container movement tracking
  • Industry leading carrier confirmations
  • User defined O/E and dispatch board tailored for auto hauling and intermodal industries
  • Quick and simple file transfer by users between third-party software

Interface with:

  • Your accounting software
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Telematics (E-Log)
  • Intermodal port and rail updates
  • Customized driver payroll
  • Custom accounting or Entreprise communication
  • Most major posting boards and mileage software

DM Maintenance

Your Full-Featured Maintenance Software Solution — DM Maintenance 3 levels of software adapted to your needs. 

  • P.M.P. (Preventive Maintenance Program) for companies requiring preventive maintenance but outsourcing the actual servicing of the fleet.
  • DM STANDARD for companies handling their own maintenance and servicing of vehicles.
  • DM PRO for companies with multiple locations handling their own service and external clients. Punch clock for mechanics is included.

#2 Features

DM Maintenance features

  • Vehicle repair management
  • Mechanic management
  • Full equipment, labour and part management
  • Manage equipment costs by calculating parts and labour per kilometre travelled
  • Tire branding and recapping features that allow you to track tread wear, tire pressure and cost per mile/km per brand.
  • Inspection management
  • Tire management
  • Inventory management
  • Punch clock
  • Customizable inspection sheets
  • Automated purchasing system
  • Extensive user defined fields, our preventive maintenance software can be easily adapted to any equipment requiring a maintenance program.

Interface with:

  • Fuel cards and yard pumps
  • GPS systems
  • Wireless communication interface
  • Vendor catalogue interface
  • Bar code scanning for inventory
  • Punch clock
  • Several accounting software
  • Document imaging

DM Warehouse

Complete Solution for 3rd Party Warehousing Operation — DM Warehouse is a full-featured third party warehouse management software for comprehensive inventory tracking and management. DM Warehouse allows you to rework, repack, restack, movement, put away, product transfers and many other secondary warehouse operations.

  • Reduce operation costs
  • Eliminate errors
  • Increase profitability

#3 Features

DM Warehouse features

  • Automated customer specific charges by cycle
  • Repack, cross-docking and storage handling
  • Customer inventory management, perpetual counts, annual counts and adjustments
  • Find products, location or items history with a simple click
  • Create inventory reports for customers and operators
  • Track lot, production date, FIFO, serial number, roll number, weight height at any level
  • Stock rotation control
  • View warehouse sections and available space
  • Manage quarantine, hazmat and bonded items
  • Comprehensive Reports and Document generation i.e., packing slips, bills of lading, etc.

Interface with:

  • Wireless bar code scanning application
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Document imaging
  • Web and Mobile interface
  • Several accounting software


The Complete Service Industry Management Software — Designed to help small to mid-sized businesses in the Service and Repair industries, Service-Mate’s repair centre software keeps an electronic record of all quotes, work orders and invoices in addition to helping with your inventory control and time management.

  • Service-Mate Standard: Offers all of the necessary tools for successful day-to-day operations for those operating in service and repair.
  • Service-Mate Pro: performs the same operations as Service Mate office, but also connects to the Internet no matter the location of the user, and business can be managed from any distance.
  • For HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrica, Repair and Service centers, Construction, Trades, Landscaping, Pool and Spa, Medical and much more...

Service-Mate features

  • Customer management
  • Quote management
  • Work order management
  • Operational cost control
  • Invoice management
  • Task management
  • Employee assignment and work order scheduling
  • Full feature inventory and automated purchasing
  • Warehousing management
  • Preventive maintenance

Interface with:

  • GPS systems
  • Vendor electronic catalogue interface
  • Several accounting software
  • Bar code scanning for inventory
  • Document imaging

Sales-Mate CRM

Effective Customer Relationship Management Software — Sales-Mate is an effective and flexible customer relationship software.

  • Optimize your marketing efforts
  • Improves Customer Relationships
  • Keeping Track of tasks & quotes
  • Sales representatives plan their time better
  • Gain valuable business insights

Sales-Mate CRM features

  • Contact management
  • Task management
  • Sales representatives management
  • Completely multilingual, English and French
  • Quote with freight lines
  • Audit trails
  • Notifications
  • Flexible, several defined parameters by the administrator

Interface with:

  • Dispatch-Mate
  • Responsive web interface

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