Why Envase

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Leverage all instruments of your business to turn chaos into harmony. Envase software merges all aspects of your business into a coordinated, streamlined system, including order entry, dispatch optimization, container tracking, artificial intelligence (AI), electronic data interchange (EDI), API connectivity, document imaging, invoicing, settlements, business intelligence, real-time analytics, and other functions. Maximize your output with all aspects of your business working together in unison.
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A pilot would be flying blind without the right instruments to navigate through the fog and rain. Do you have the tools needed to see beyond the next corner? Envase empowers you with the visibility to see the entire intermodal life cycle clearly and confidently. Know exactly where every container is. Locate your drivers. Gauge how equipment is tracking inside the terminal and then en route to destinations with current traffic and weather conditions. Seeing is believing.
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Old school math tells us that total output is equal to the sum of all parts. Envase has the power to bend the rules to better serve you at a time when the intermodal landscape is no longer evolving at the speed of freight. New advances in technology and automation promise to revolutionize our industry in ways we only dreamed of just yesterday. Imagine artificial intelligence presenting your dispatcher with a driver’s most optimum next loads in real-time, uniquely calculated based on that driver’s parameters and current conditions. Now imagine presenting those same options directly to the driver to select from without a dispatcher. Yeah, we can do that. Because in an optimized world, the math changes. One plus one can equal five.
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