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Our customers know Envase is here to help them build and grow their business. Envase’s family of technology solutions are designed to give trucking companies of all sizes a leg up on the competition.

When our customers grow, we grow. Together we are revolutionizing the intermodal trucking and drayage business.

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What Our Customers are Saying

We are a small fleet. SecurSpace is very efficient and easy to use. They helped our company find a perfect solution immediately. We will definitely use in the future!


Karena, Magna Hub, Inc.

SecūrSpace provides a great solution for companies in the transportation and shipping industry. We’ve made a substantial amount of money by listing on the platform and use SecūrSpace to find short-term parking solutions when our yard is full.

Ping Burke, Vice President at Tradelink Transport

Tradelink Transport Logo

Compcare has changed the way we operate here at Franco Trucking Inc. From my dispatch to my accounting team, it has made all our lives a lot easier. The reports we can do on Compcare are just amazing…. as the CEO of Franco Trucking and running a team of 100 + trucks, all I can say is I can’t live without Compcare.


Francisco Franco, CEO at Franco Trucking

Franco Trucking Logo

Compcare’s many features allow our employees to focus less on the mundane tasks. They take care of a lot of the manual labor and fact checking things in the background – that leaves our people to do people processing stuff like talking to customers, responding to emails, and other things like that. We still have the same number of employees, but we’re just able to utilize them better. We’ve been able to handle almost a 50% growth without having to add more employees. That’s the key.


Randall Morris, VP of Operations at Canal Cartage Company

Canal Cartage Company Logo

I think Profit Tools gives a substantial advantage to small and medium sized companies to compete against the huge budgets and sophisticated technologies of very large companies. I would highly recommend Profit Tools to other companies looking for an intermodal TMS to manage their operations and that can scale as their company grows.


Michael Dougan, CFO at Dependable Highway Express

Dependable Logo

Profit Tools was the perfect solution to streamline all of the company needs. I look back and wonder how we ever ran this business without Profit Tools.


Musa Mohammed, CEO/President at M&J Intermodal & Eagle Intermodal

M&J Intermodal & Eagle Intermodal Logo

We made the switch to Profit Tools because it had better intermodal functionality. I’d estimate we’ve saved 20% in time from automating operations.


James Yun, Vice President at PB Express

PB Express Logo
RateMaster was already talking to our biggest customers and it allowed us to be in an environment in which our customers were already familiar
With RateMaster, we work smarter, not harder.

Dominic J. Pacella, Cushing Transportation, Inc

Cushing Transportation Logo
It’s so exciting being on the forefront with Envase Order AI and a part of this new technology that will change the way we all do drayage!

Dominic J. Pacella, Cushing Transportation Inc.

Cushing Transportation Logo

Great software for start up trucking companies. You can really save a ton of time and effort by using Tailwind to its full advantage. Easy to use and great to stay organized.


Amardeep S., President at Boomerang

Boomerange Transportation Logo

Love this software! We switched to Tailwind…and we have never looked back. It’s been nothing but a positive experience! It is very easy to use and when I can’t figure something out, support is right there to help me! It is also affordable!


Jane G, President at Sullivan Transportation Inc

Sullivan Transportation Logo

Tailwind helps us in our day-day operations and provides a one-stop solution for operations and invoicing. It’s easy to use, practical and has an intuitive interface.


Ricky B., Lotus Terminals LTD

Lotus Terminals LTD Logo
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