Envase Mobile connects drayage drivers with the back-office seamlessly. With automated communications and alerts flowing between drivers and dispatchers through your existing Compcare, GTG, or Profit Tools TMS system, Envase Mobile raises the compete level of your growing intermodal business.

Envase Mobile: The Next-Gen App for Digital Drayage

Dispatch through the app

Send dispatches directly to drivers' phones the night before or while they're on the road.

Improve cash flow

Get your proofs of delivery (PODs) into your TMS instantaneously rather than waiting for drivers to return to the office. Invoice customers as soon as delivery is made.

Keep drivers happy

Provide your drivers with visibility into the accuracy of their deliveries and their pay.

Streamline dispatch / driver communications

Reduce the inefficiency of back-and-forth text messaging and phone calls; provide instantaneous communication to drivers from anywhere in the back office.


Auto-arrive and Auto-depart features give greater visibility into the delivery status without requiring extra work from a driver.

Works with your existing TMS

Integrates directly with your existing services Compcare, GTG, or Profit Tools TMS.

Access New Loads ‘On-the-Fly’
Go Paperless!
Your Own ‘Second Seat’ Dispatcher
Driver Dashboards
Driver Marketplace
Driver Tools
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