The cloud-based transportation management platform for today's Intermodal Drayage company

Know exactly where every container is at any time with just a few clicks. Save hours tracking shipments, invoicing clients, and paying drivers with an easy-to-use, cloud-based TMS system. There’s nothing to install. Nothing to keep updated. Just login and get to work.

Envase is the Transportation Management System that anyone can use and gives you all the information you need to run your business more efficiently and profitably.

With Envase you level the playing field between you and the big carriers. Book more loads. Manage more drivers. Grow your trucking business.

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Who Envase is for



I stay up-to-date with what’s going on with my business with the business intelligence module. I can manage all the details and grow my business at the same time.

Dispatch Operations


I can see all of my drivers on one screen.
I can tell if they are on time, delayed or late.
Adding accessorials is super-fast and convenient.
Dispatch Intelligence does the thinking for me!



Transparency is a key KPI.
I can log in and check the status of my container.



The mobile app is so easy to use. No more paper! All my paperwork and documents are done with my phone.

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Synchronize billions of nodes across the intermodal ecosystem with a single, streamlined system that digitizes the container lifecycle to boost efficiency and increase profitability.

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See a more holistic view of your network, with each node, route, and vehicle interconnected. Track various aspects of performance and glean new insights with actionable dashboards.

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Optimize infinite endpoints and anticipate potential roadblocks to intelligently respond to container movements across your entire network. Use predictive analytics to elevate drayage execution over time.

Intermodal Drayage Reimagined for Today

The transportation industry, from drivers to owners to end customers, is re-imagining, adapting, and embracing what’s next. Transforming your business processes with a cloud-based, flexible TMS for intermodal and drayage is the difference between success and failure. Today businesses need information at their fingertips. Business owners can’t be tied down to a desk, they need a solution that works wherever they are, on the road, in an office, and everywhere in-between.

Our mission is to deliver a holistic, streamlined system to digitize the entire lifecycle of a container across the intermodal ecosystem. We offer best-in-class solutions and build best-of-breed applications for the next generation of data-driven decisions.

Envase developed nuanced next generation views of each node along the supply chain. Enhanced container visibility and boosted carrier efficiencies intersect to streamline business functions across your business and improve your bottom line.

Our portfolio of companies give you the tools to help you stay ahead and grow your business, including how to:

  • Accelerate growth
  • Improve profit predictability
  • Create continuous lifecycle momentum

Meet the Envase Brand Family

With support offices located throughout the United States and Canada.

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