A winning tariff

Not everyone can win, but drayage providers can create a tariff that gets noticed.

With thin margins, shopping for capacity generally looks like a price war. DrayMaster makes it easy for drayage providers to quote a complete winning rate, so 3PLs, brokers & freight forwarders can look beyond just rates — to value-added features like personalized customer service or a good driving record.

Here are a few ways drayage providers create winning rates.

Include the details

A few important rate details can help minimize back & forth, both at the time of quoting and when it comes time to pay the invoice:

  • Accurate mileage calculations & toll charges
  • Up-to-date fuel surcharges
  • Any unknown accessorial fees
  • Straightforward disclaimers

Keep rates current

Having up to date rates means no one is left holding the bag as the economy shifts or as standards change. A couple of ways to keep rates current include:

  • Setting reminders on your calendar to review your tariff on a regular basis. (Note: DrayMaster has a built-in reminder feature.)
  • Using built-in tools from trusted sources for things like mileage, toll charges and fuel surcharges.

Use a consistent format

By having a consistent and professionally looking quote, it’s easier for 3PLs, brokers & freight forwarders to view and trust a provider’s rate. (Note: DrayMaster has a standard quote format that makes it easy.)

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