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ITG sees significant efficiency and revenue gains with DrayMaster

With a coast-to-coast, cross boarder reach of services and customers, ITG keeps a sharp eye on ways to innovate it’s services and make customer’s lives easier.

Having search for an online pricing tool for intermodal rate management years ago and finding only limited automation and a lack of security features – ITG had all but given up. When a customer approached ITG and suggested it join the DrayMaster platform, ITG’s CEO, Dan Kopp, took a close look.


ITG immediately understood how DrayMaster could make its work easier, faster and drive demand for its brokerage services. And it saw immediate results

It was so easy for customers to get our rates that interest in ITG grew significantly.

Dan Kopp, CEO

DrayMaster’s automated rates and insight have skyrocketed the company’s new customer acquisitions and helped ITG customers save time and money too. ITG can easily compare carriers’ varying drayage fees and charges in mere seconds; manage spot quotes more efficiently; and deliver accurate information to its other internal system instantly with APIs. For ITG customers, they have total confidence that ITG’s rates are accurate, surprises are minimized, and the ability to do business with the company is fast, professional and easy.

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