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Compete in the Transportation Industry with Updated TMS Tools

The new Tailwind TMS features and upgrades launched in 2020, can set you up for greater success in 2021.

Are you interested in being able to get your shipments across the US/Canada border faster? Maybe you’re curious about the multiple integrations Tailwind has to help you track your loads. Or has the completely revamped and free POD-capture mobile app caught your attention? 

POD Complete Update 

With our completely revamped mobile app – POD Complete, your drivers can simply snap photos of the POD and have it uploaded to your system.  This allows you to invoice your customer before your driver even leaves their dock. One of the benefits for revamping POD Complete was to update the look and feel of the app, but also to be able to deploy enhancements to the app much faster. 

We spoke with one of our customers who conducted analysis on the costs with the handling and management of PODs and they found that they could save over $20k annually managing approximately 50 PODs per month! 

Faster Trips Across the Border

The BorderConnect ACE/ACI integration helps Tailwind users dispatch cross-border loads between the US and Canada. It simplifies Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), and Advance Commercial Information (ACI) processes so that crossing the border doesn’t have to be difficult.  

The ACE/ACI is used to electronically transmit shipment and dispatch information to the corresponding border services. Once you’ve completed the setup, you’re ready to send your manifest through. The manifest services will then be reviewed and either accepted or rejected, and this will flow back into Tailwind resulting in faster trips across the border. Without adding more to your workflow, the integration with BorderConnect changes very little in your day-to-day tasks and best of all, it’s free for up to 40 shipments! 

Free Load Tracking With EZCheck-In

The e4score suite provides end-to-end visibility tools – and we’ve specifically integrated their shipment tracking technology – EZCheck-In into Tailwind. EZCheck-In is a patent-pending app-less tool that makes it easy for drivers to submit shipment events – such as arrived, at gate, loaded and departed – at each stop and to report their location while en route to pick-up or delivery. The events are GPS-confirmed so you get trusted visibility.  

With this integration, there are no additional costs associated with EZCheck-In, it’s built into which ever Tailwind product tier you’re on. On the Pro tier you get 25 loads included free a month, on Enterprise, 50, and on Unlimited – just like the product tier – it’s unlimited how many loads you can track per month using EZCheck-In!   

Grow Your Business with EDI Technology

Do you have customers that require you to be EDI compliant? Or are you looking to grow your business and target new markets? If you’re a small to mid-sized transportation company that has lost business because some of your larger shippers require you to support EDI Document exchange, the Tailwind and Kleinschmidt partnership may be your solution.   

We’ve integrated Kleinschmidt’s EDI functionality into the Tailwind TMS so that businesses like yours can easily meet the data requirements of your customers and gain new business. Some of the benefits of EDI include: reduced costs, increased processing speed, reduced data entry errors and improved relationships with business partners.  

Expanded Trucker Tools Integration

The expanded Trucker Tools load tracking integration not only provides load visibility, but predictive freight matching and trip planning solutions for the transportation industry. Trucker Tools’ platform gives brokers accurate, real-time data optimally matching freight with trucks and allows them to track loads from the beginning of trip to end.  

Their popular driver app, downloaded by over 1,000,000 drivers, provides automated, real-time shipment tracking to eliminate check calls. Trucker Tools also provides you with real-time tracking updates every 5 minutes so you know exactly where your freight is at all times and can satisfy shipper requirements. No more check calls to find out whether a load has been picked up or delivered, freeing up time to work on the important task of growing your business!  

Optimized Carrier Onboarding

With the RMIS integration, Tailwind users can speed up their carrier-onboarding. Now you can have updated vendor and contact records with data flowing from RMIS with a couple clicks rather than having to search for or ask for it – and then type it all in manually. Users can also expand on the scope of this integration by taking advantage of any of the available API routes between the Tailwind and RMIS platforms.  

The Tailwind and RMIS onboarding integration provides freight companies with quality carriers in order to mitigate compliance risk.  With an 80% faster onboarding process you’re able to automate your workflow. Move more freight, reduce risk, cut costs, and accelerate the registration and compliance process all with Tailwind and RMIS. Compliance is made effortless so you can focus on expanding your freight business  

What’s Next?

Tailwind released many integrations and updates in 2020 that will save you time, money and optimize your workflow. Integrations and updates that include: a revamped POD-capture mobile app, eManifest integrations, free load tracking, EDI electronic document exchange, and optimized carrier onboarding/compliance. 

Tailwind has plans to continue to enhance the software in 2021 with features and upgrades such as auto rating, automated order entry, factoring integrations, new fuel vendor integrations and more!

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