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As a smaller business, many wonder how a TMS can work well for corporations. Sure, it has all the important features to grow a small business and provide great help to customers and business owners, but what about larger corporations? Places like Walmart or Amazon? Can they get as much out of a TMS system as a smaller business?

The answer: yes, they can!

TMS Corporate

It’s important to remember that, like small businesses, corporate level businesses need the extra help too. Maybe more so than the small business. Larger corporations require more assistance with auditing and freight pay because they have larger freight companies and shipments going in and out. They also have more cashflow as a larger corporation with multiple shopping locations and platforms.

It’s just as important for a corporate business to use a TMS as it would be for a smaller business. With the help of TMS, larger corporations can provide higher rated deliveries and services to their customers. Having the freight tracking software and the opportunity to reduce freight costs can lead to more efficient business in the long run.

Freight Management

Larger corporations have more freight expenses and expectations. It’s important that freight companies working with larger corporations are productive and work in a timely manner. With a TMS, corporations can ensure they have the best and cheapest freight companies working with them to make this happen.

Because of the tracking systems within a TMS, it’s easy for a corporation to track deliveries to ensure they arrive to the customer in a timely manner, pay their freight company, and provide an optimization for freight payments and package deliveries. It’s important to remember that just because places like Walmart and Amazon are big corporations, it doesn’t mean they’re doing much different than your small business.

Cash Flow

Another important factor of the TMS system is cash flow. Corporate companies require audits and organization to help track their cash flow and keep their business running. Without the auditing system of a TMS, it would take longer for them to complete an audit; thus, causing an even more issues as they would lose valuable time to perform other tasks.

By having a program to keep track of your finances, freight information, cash flow, and inventory you have skipped multiple steps in the auditing process and allowed yourself the time and money to perform other tasks. The TMS system can help in many ways, but it’s most prominent feature is time saving.

Time Saving

TMS is a very important tool to save time and money in a larger corporation. Many companies question whether a TMS system can save them time. It doesn’t seem likely that a basic software system can do all that, but it’s true.

A TMS is able to provide the tools for a business to audit their business, track their deliveries and freight expenses, track their inventory, and keep everything organized and available to do an audit on the business at any given moment. Through this capability, time management is extremely easy and well-supported throughout the system.

Cost Effective

Providing time management and allowing for better cash flow and inventory are two of the main reasons for a corporate business to use a TMS, but they are not the only reasons. Large corporations, like small businesses, need help and organization. This system helps provide that in an easier and more cost-effective way than hiring an employee.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally written for the GTG Technology Group, Corporate TMS: A Software for Everyone.

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