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Envase TMS: The Key to Driver Visibility for Small Drayage Carriers

3 screenshots of Envase TMS platform for driver visibility

The independent owner/operator – a driver who is running their own small trucking company from the road – has one crucial advantage: If you and your truck are the whole company, you always know where you are.

That is something every trucking company, regardless of size, has to achieve. Driver visibility — knowing where drivers are at any point in time — is critical to so many functions of the company. And when it comes to keeping tabs on driver whereabouts, the hardest point for a trucking company is when the company moves past the single-truck, owner/operator phase.

Once the company grows beyond two or three trucks, it becomes very difficult to keep up with paperwork, delivery locations, invoicing, dispatching loads to drivers… and of course, knowing at any moment in time where all the drivers are.

Retaining Driver Visibility As Your Company Grows

Envase TMS is designed to help small drayage carriers ditch paperwork and get their operations set up for growth! The Envase TMS comes fully-loaded with a driver app for easy communication with your team members on the road.

Some of its features, accessible to drivers right from their phones, include:

  • Constant real-time visibility for all driver deliveries, along with the amount they’re being paid for the load
  • Use of geofencing technology to generate auto-arrive and auto-depart features – keeping delivery status visible without extra work for drivers
  • Instantaneous receipt of proofs of delivery, so customers can be invoiced as soon as delivery is complete
  • Ability to upload documents and collect e-signatures directly through the app, skipping the paperwork and deliveries to the office
  • Dispatch directly from the TMS to the driver app — even when the driver is still at home or on the road with another delivery, along with instructions, load details and the ability to modify departure times if necessary

By automating all of these functions, and making it possible from the road, Envase TMS allows a growing small trucking company to maintain highly professional operations without having to invest in a back-office overhead the company is not yet ready to support.

Dispatchers Can’t Afford to Lose Time and Visibility

Most dispatchers struggle to handle more than five drivers and keep on top of everything the back-office operation requires. Information becomes disjointed and hard to organize or locate. Documentation of deliveries and invoicing falls behind and takes significant time to recover and pull together.

And of course, the simple but crucial task of locating drivers begins to require considerably more time and effort that a swiftly moving company simply cannot afford.

It should not be that way. Driver locations should be visible in real time on an application that’s easily accessed from the back-office or from any mobile device on the road.

Real-Time Driver Visibility is Necessary for Growth

Envase TMS makes this possible, and it could be the most powerful tool in bridging the gap between the early days as a single owner/operator and an up-and-coming, fully grown trucking company.

It all starts with visibility and automation – perhaps the two operational advantages small trucking companies need the most.

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