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Envase Announces Acquisition of GPS Intelligence Innovator GeoStamp – Press Release

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Joint Solutions Bring Value to Drayage Space by Tracking Trucks At Ports and Providing Detailed Analytics to Help Shippers, Carriers and Port Operators Improve

DOVER, New Hampshire, May 25, 2022 – Envase, a mission-critical software platform for the intermodal supply chain, announces the acquisition of GeoStamp – an innovative developer of drayage-focused software that perfectly complements Envase’s TMS platform by providing GPS tracking for trucks at all points between the port and the customer. GeoStamp also provides detailed analytics through its location data to provide high-value insight, which optimizes the overall performance in the supply chain industry.

“Envase is always eager to embrace meaningful enhancements to continue to push limits and drive more value from our platform to carriers, shippers and terminal operators in the intermodal space,” said Larry Cuddy, CEO of Envase. “In our discussions with GeoStamp, it quickly became clear that its platform goes far beyond GPS tracking – deploying the resulting data to empower users with intelligence that can optimize every aspect of their performance. Such a powerful technology platform is an ideal fit with our TMS to equip customers with more control over their dray moves, costs and efficiency.”

The dray industry is looking for ways to achieve more, perform better and act faster. One of the keys to this objective is to give carriers and shippers visibility into driver/asset performance.

The union of Envase and GeoStamp achieves that in significant ways.

Becoming integrated with Envase will make GeoStamp part of an all-in-one solution for the first time. And according to Adam Rogers, director of business development for GeoStamp, that strengthens an already successful effort to empower companies operating in the drayage space.

“It’s about making it possible for the truckers to charge and bill in a timely manner for services they’ve not gotten paid for in the past,” Rogers said.

Envase’s vision has always been to strengthen the eco-system by reducing the friction that accompanies the movement of goods to and from terminals. Joining forces with GeoStamp will allow more containers to be moved with the same number of trucks, which will not only deliver better performance by users but will also reduce congestion on the roads while reducing each user’s carbon footprint.  We look forward to growing GeoStamp’s partnerships and learning how we can continue to add value. 

Founded in 2015, the Huntington Beach, California-based GeoStamp processes 1.8 million pings a day for more than 7,000 trucks nationwide, while also providing deep-dive analytics to tell the industry exactly what is happening and why – and what it means.

The detailed geofences and algorithms of the GeoStamp platform set it apart from the rest of the industry, providing complete visibility into driver/asset performance and thus empowering the dray industry to understand how to target performance improvements.

At the same time the platform is providing such detailed analytics, it also automates and simplifies the billing process to the point where trucking companies can now perform same-day billing.

And the user interface could not be simpler, as users who once had to open up to 10 screens to book terminal appointments, view empty returns and perform other crucial functions can now manage everything via a single screen.

“Becoming part of the Envase family is a great opportunity for the GeoStamp team, and more importantly, for our customers,” said Sal Manzo of GeoStamp. “Given the current challenges in the drayage space, users need technology to give them visibility into where freight and drivers are – no matter where they are at the port. Taking the location intelligence, we gather and adding it to the many assets of Envase’s powerful TMS platform will make our combined customer base the best equipped in the industry to better utilize assets and reduce costs.”

About Envase
Envase provides mission-critical, cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) enterprise software and mobile applications to the supply chain, with a core focus on the drayage trucking niche. The software merges order entry, dispatch, container tracking, electronic data interchange (EDI), API connectivity, document imaging, invoicing, settlements and business intelligence, among other functions, into a single, streamlined system providing carrier efficiencies and container visibility over the supply chain. For more information, visit:  www.envasetechnologies.com.

Press Contact:

Chelsey Reynolds, VP Revenue




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