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Envase and MatchBack Systems Partner to Address Container Efficiency at Ports

Street Turn Integration Further Optimizes Intermodal Ecosystem

DOVER, NH, February 24, 2022 — Envase, a mission-critical software platform for the intermodal supply chain and MatchBack Systems, Inc., the leading street-turn platform, announce a partnership to offer a fully integrated street turn functionality into Envase’s transportation management system (TMS) products. The integration facilitates the match between import containers and an export booking inland, to eliminate the transport of empty containers to and from the port. 

Shippers, logistics providers, and truckers lose hours of productivity and billions of dollars in potential revenue by retrieving empty containers from congested ports before preparing them for reuse. This is particularly of issue for shippers whose export operations are not located near the ports.  

By using the one-click MatchBack Systems street turn functionality inside of the Envase TMS, carriers achieve better driver and truck utilization and alleviate congestion through more efficient container moves, while shippers reduce their transportation costs.  Street turns also reduce carbon footprints by minimizing empty container moves.

“Our integration with MatchBack Systems extends the capabilities of our next generation TMS.  It’s a great fit with our mission to deliver a streamlined system that digitizes the lifecycle of a container across the intermodal ecosystem,” said Larry Cuddy, CEO of Envase.  “Ultimately, this functionality allows our customers to better utilize their networks for more cost-effective and efficient container moves.”

“Street turns create instant value across the supply chain.  Our partnership is an ideal way to connect two ecosystems to deliver transparency and container reuse options for our mutual customers,” said Todd Ericksrud, CEO of MatchBack Systems.

About Envase
Envase provides mission-critical, cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) enterprise software and mobile applications to the supply chain, with a core focus on the drayage trucking niche. The software merges order entry, dispatch, container tracking, electronic data interchange (EDI), API connectivity, document imaging, invoicing, settlements, and business intelligence, among other functions, into a single, streamlined system providing carrier efficiencies and container visibility over the supply chain.  For more information, visit:  www.envasetechnologies.com.

About MatchBack Systems, Inc.

MatchBack Systems, Inc., a SynchroNet company, is a logistics software company with an innovative approach to street-turn containers, using proprietary technology and data analytics to optimize and automate street-turns globally.  MatchBack Systems’ services lower overall supply chain costs, improve efficiencies and reduce emissions. The company’s signature services include: MatchAdvisor™ the leading street-turn optimization solution in the industry, MatchMarketplace™ the collaborative portal to execute street-turns with partners, and MatchProcurementTM the strategic procurement solution to lock in street-turn savings.  For more information, visit www.matchbacksystems.com.


Press Contact:

Chelsey Reynolds, VP Revenue


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