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Envase Announces Release of Envase Mobile Driver App to Support Drayage Operations

envase mobile driver app drayage software

Envase Mobile integrates with multiple TMS systems, and the Envase Mobile Driver App improves communication, saves time, accelerates cashflow

DOVER, New Hampshire, April 05, 2022 – Envase Technologies, a mission-critical software platform for the intermodal supply chain, announces the release of Envase Mobile – a next-generation mobile app to support the operations of drayage drivers and their back-office counterparts. It is built from hundreds of years of collective experience in intermodal drayage.

Envase Mobile connects to all Envase Intermodal and Drayage TMS products, including CompcareGTG and Profit Tools.

“When the truck driver gets into their truck, they open up the Envase app, and from there they’ll look at their dispatch, they’ll confirm it, and that will automatically send a message back to Envase’s TMS. It’s helped us tremendously — it’s helped us automate dispatching operations.”

Ping Burke, VP Sales and Operations for Tradelink Transport. “

An ideal solution for drayage carriers, Envase Mobile provides seamless, automated communication between drivers and dispatch/back-office operations. Some of the leading examples include:

  • Instantaneous receipt of proofs of delivery, so customers can be invoiced as soon as delivery is complete
  • Constant real-time visibility for drivers of all their deliveries and their expected earnings per load
  • Use of geofencing technology to generate auto-arrive and auto-depart features – keeping delivery status visible without extra work for drivers
  • Ability to upload documents and collect e-signatures directly through the app, skipping the paperwork and deliveries to the office
  • Dispatch directly through the app, even when the driver is still at home or on the road with another delivery, along with instructions, load details and the ability to modify departure times if necessary
  • Convenient in-app chat between drivers and back-office to keep everyone moving without waiting on hold

The system also helps to match orders with the drivers who are best fit for the assignment, based on factors like their qualifications, current location, hours of service and driver preferences.

“Envase Mobile helps to digitize the lifecycle of a container across the drayage and intermodal ecosystem. It saves drivers significant time that they used to spend visiting the office before departure. And it gives them so many tools — from heightened visibility to simplified communication and even accelerated cash flow – it truly elevates their experience while ensuring better performance and results for everyone in the process.”

Larry Cuddy Jr, Envase CEO and Founder. “

Between happy drivers, quicker payments, real-time tracking of loads, more efficient communication, more direct dispatch activity and improved back-office operations – not to mention seamless integration with the leading TMS platforms – Envase Mobile introduces tremendous added value to drayage operations for intermodal carriers and their drivers.

Envase Mobile can be used by any driver focused on drayage and is available for download from the Android and Apple app stores. Carriers can also facilitate their drivers’ use of the app by sending them a download link via e-mail, text or through their Envase TMS.

About Envase Technologies
Envase Technologies provides mission-critical, cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) enterprise software and mobile applications to the supply chain, with a core focus on the drayage trucking niche. The software merges order entry, dispatch, container tracking, electronic data interchange (EDI), API connectivity, document imaging, invoicing, settlements, and business intelligence, among other functions, into a single, streamlined system providing carrier efficiencies and container visibility over the supply chain. For more information, visit:  www.envasetechnologies.com.

Press Contact:

Chelsey Reynolds, VP Revenue




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