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Fuel Maintenance Discounts, New Envase Events, and the Latest Webinar!

Fuel Maintenance Discounts, new Envase Event Meet-ups, and the latest Webinar with Kin Logistics! Here’s what we’ve been up to in February 2022!

Take Control Over Rising Fuel Costs

Phone the Envase Fuel Team at 603-217-2119 (Option 2) or email them at fuelteam@envasetechnologies.com for discounts on fuel maintenance and tires!

What is a Freight Broker & How do they fit into shipping?

Simplistically, a freight broker is an intermediary between shippers and carriers. But like everything in shipping and trucking, freight brokering isn’t that simple…

DM Warehouse

The complete solutions for 3rd party warehousing operation, DM Warehouse allows you to rework, repack, put away, product transfer and many other secondary warehouse operations. Request a Demo to learn more!

Meet with Envase

Envase is excited to be attending TPM 2022 (Feb 27th – March 2nd) with MatchBack Systems, where you can learn more about Envase Street Turn.

Envase is also proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Georgia Logistics Summit 2022 (March 16th) this year! Email events@envasetechnologies.com to arrange a time to meet at either event. We look forward to connecting with you there!

Envase’s Latest Webinar

Interested in strategic tactics for dealing with labor shortages, employee retention and creating competitive advantages through demurrage & detention?

Check out Envase’s first webinar of the year featuring Kin Logistics: Staying Ahead of the Game in a Volatile Market.

Embrace What’s Next…

That’s all for the February edition of the Envase Newsletter. See you next month!

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