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The Envase Fuel Card – A saving grace for truckers to survive the cost of fuel in 2022

Fuel? A bare necessity for truckers. The cost of fuel? Activates survival mode.

This year the fuel market has unleashed chaos on the trucking industry unlike ever before. Fuel prices have hit mind-boggling highs, with the diesel market hitting its worst crisis since the 1970s. The truckers that keep our country moving are struggling to avoid coming to a screeching halt.

graph of diesel fuel prices from september 2021 to july 2022

The volatility of fuel prices has made each day a gamble, sidelining truckers, and forcing carriers to roll the dice financially to remain profitable. Fuel used to be considered the second largest cost in an operation, but for many it has now become the first. Truckers are running at a loss, fuel surcharges aren’t enough to offset costs, and some are parking their trucks not knowing when or if they will be able to get on the road again.

How do you run a business when your entire operation hinges on being able to afford a cost you have no control over? How can truckers, especially small carriers, afford to stay afloat in this time?

As much as we can gawk in disbelief at fuel prices, that won’t get truckers back on the road. Getting on top of fuel costs will. This is why an effective fuel card is a trucker’s saving grace. But when everyone and their mother seems to offer a fuel card, how can you sift through all of the gimmicks and find a card that can beat this market, and actually save as much as it’s supposed to?

We’ve seen way too many truckers get the short end of the stick by investing in fuel cards that offer empty promises. Monthly fees stack up higher than savings, rebate checks arrive too little too late, and providers limit carrier savings for their own gain. And in many programs, small carriers must pay more, but get less benefits in return.

That’s why we created the Envase Fuel Program.

All carriers, regardless of size, deserve to save as much as the next. All truckers deserve a fuel card that will secure the best possible savings at every fill up. All businesses deserve a fuel program that has their back 100% of the time.

That’s why with the Envase Fuel Card — if you’re an owner-operator or just starting to grow your fleet of trucks — you will always buy like the big carriers buy.

At Envase, we live by honesty and firmly believe in transparency. We won’t talk the talk unless we can walk the walk. So here’s where we lay our (fuel) cards out on the table:

The Envase Fuel Card Program

Fuel isn’t new to us—we’ve had a fuel program for over 10 years now. We’ve incrementally built one of the strongest fuel partner networks, and have never settled for less than what our carriers deserve. With our carriers in mind, we built the Envase fuel program with cost plus/retail minus better of price that levels the playing field, giving carriers of all sizes the ability to buy like the big carriers buy.

Our guarantee to you

  • It’s free. No sign-up fees. No monthly card fees. No annual card fees.
  • No transaction fees at 800+ US locations when fueling in-network.
  • Lowest price per gallon, every fill up in-network. Buy like the big carriers buy.
  • Immediate point of sale discount = INSTANT savings. No more waiting for rebates and stretching your accounts.
  • We never limit your savings. Every extra penny we can save for you, will go only to you.
  • Discounts on tires, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Next day prices in your inbox. Plan your savings the day before.
  • Free RFID tags for every truck. Start the pumps automatically when fueling in network.

To be eligible, customers must have a US base of operations, and must not have an existing discount agreement with a vendor in the program.

Let our team know here if you are interested in learning more and want to know if you are eligible for the Envase Fuel Card.

What carriers have saved with the Envase Fuel Card

We launched the new Envase Fuel Program in March 2022. In the first 8 months of the new program, Envase carriers have saved over $3 MILLION on in-network fuel costs with NO TRANSACTION FEES. Even through the volatility of the fuel market this year, card users have averaged savings of $0.54 per gallon, and $58.52 per fill up

In September, our carriers headed into peak equipped with the Envase Fuel Card. With an average $0.73/gallon off the retail price, all together they saved 14.25% on fuel purchases which totals to $540k.

If you want to save like Envase carriers have this year, connect with the Envase Fuel Team today!

How our Cost Plus/Retail Minus Better Of Price guarantees you the best savings

In an unpredictable fuel market, a fuel card that uses one savings strategy isn’t going to deliver the lowest price per gallon in every situation. Some days, a cost plus strategy will save you more than a retail minus strategy, and other days it’s vice-versa.

That’s why the Envase Fuel Card uses a powerful hybrid savings strategy: Cost Plus/Retail Minus Better Of Price.

This means that in every situation, you automatically get the better price between what the cost plus price is and the retail minus price is at that time.

How our cost plus and retail minus prices are calculated:

  • Cost Plus Price: The Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) rack price plus a small markup that accounts for taxes, transportation costs, and a small fixed amount for the truck stop to make some margin off the sale.
  • Retail Minus Price: The retail price of a gallon minus our negotiated discount of 7 cents.

Since we launched this new program in March, Envase carriers have experienced the incredible savings that come from our cost plus/retail minus better of price and negotiated discounts. Between March and June 2022, Envase carriers saved an average of 44 cents/gallon . As margins have returned in July, in the first 10 days of the month, our carriers have saved an average of 85 cents/gallon.

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