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Envase Gives Back: The 6 Causes We Supported July to December 2022

Inspired by our employees, Envase started a company initiative in 2022 dedicated to strengthening and supporting our community in ways that go beyond what we can do in a work day.

Our first program kicked off in January 2022: “Envase Gives Back”. We committed to donating $500 to one charity each month, all of which are nominated by members of our team. 

Learn more about Envase Gives Back here, and the 6 causes we supported January to June 2022.

Our 2022 Causes: July to December

These are the nonprofits and programs we supported each month in 2022 from July to December. Read on to learn more about each one, and visit their websites to see how you can support as well! 

July: David's House

Built so that families can remain together when it is most crucial, David’s House provides a home-away-from-home and support for families with children receiving treatment through the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

August: Transport DSquare ALS Fundraiser

In August we partnered with Profit Tools customer Transport DSquare by contributing to their ALS fundraiser! ALS is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and affects physical function. The ALS society of Quebec provides resources and support for those with ALS, furthers the search for treatment, and helps organize events, fundraising, and volunteer opportunities.

September: National MPS Society

In September we partnered with Compcare customer Ever Freight Transport for their 5K Run & 1 Mile walk for families affect by MPS and MS.  The National MPS Society exists to cure, support and advocate for MPS and ML.

October: Kids Need to Read

Kids Need to Read is an organization that ensures access to books for kids to help break the cycle of poverty that plagues populations with low literacy levels. Thank you to Aubrey Howland for nominating this charity who has always seen books as an important part of her life and wants to help educate young minds!

November: Sua Sponte Foundation

The Sua Sponte Foundation provides assistance to Rangers and their families of the 1st Ranger Battalion. Thank you Justin O’Leary for nominating this charity, we can’t think of a better way to honor veterans this month for Veteran’s Day.

December: Movember

Movember is a charity focusing on Men’s Health, particularly the area of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Prostate Cancer, and Testicular Cancer. 

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