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Fuel Savings, Trends in Drayage, and a Look at the Year Ahead

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A new year’s resolution for Envase was to release a monthly newsletter… and so far, so good! Here’s what we’ve been up to in January 2022!

“Covid-19 has accelerated digital adoption for many companies… [before] it was unfathomable that you could dispatch a truck from your kitchen” Larry Cuddy, CEO, Envase Technologies. Check out the full article from IANA’s Intermodal Insights.

Never Pay Retail Fuel Prices Again!

Phone the Envase Fuel Team at 603-217-2119 (Option 2) or email them at fuelteam@envasetechnologies.com for more information…

 Envase and Firmament

With support from Firmament, Envase is excited to bring better and more accessible Dray-Tech to all the intermodal carriers doing their part to relieve pressure within the supply chain!

Looking Back at 2021 and Ahead to 2022 in Intermodal Trucking

The global pandemic threw a spotlight on weaknesses in our global supply chains, ushered in a new era of how and where work gets done, and got North America’s aging infrastructure the attention it deserves.

DM Maintenance

Effortlessly manage your fleet with a full-featured maintenance software solution. DM Maintenance can streamline your vehicle repair, inventory, and equipment management.

Are you ready to Turbocharge Your 2022?

Envase’s family of drayage and intermodal technology providers (CompcareGTG, and Profit Tools) have been building the most trusted Transportation Management Systems for over forty years, and we’re excited to be developing the next generation of freight-tech to help streamline your business. Book a discovery call to learn how Envase can help you!

Envase Team Member Spotlight

Get to know Amanda Nott, Project Manager at Envase Technologies.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Amanda: “I was recently given the nickname of ‘superwoman’ … and would certainly enjoy having her speed. Getting to and from school events, sports, work, and Starbucks would be a breeze!’

Embrace What’s Next

That’s all for the January edition of the Envase Newsletter. See you next month!

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