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The Envase Story: Making a Better TMS for Drayage

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The lack of a drayage-specific software suite sparked an idea—why not build one?

When Nothing Fits What You Need, You Make it Yourself

Larry Cuddy Jr. was on the hunt for a new TMS for his business. Running operations for a large drayage fleet, he wanted to get his business organized so he could grow and expand. He looked at all the usual TMS providers, and none of them met the needs of a drayage business.

He can’t be the only person with a drayage business with this problem. How are other people doing it? Are people just putting things together in jury-rigged systems held together with spit and baling wire?

The lack of a drayage-specific software suite sparked an idea—why not build one? Larry left his position and spent three years rolling up his sleeves and working “in the tech”. He landed at three different freight technology firms pairing his vast drayage industry knowledge and building an understanding of running a tech firm…the ingredients needed to make Digital Drayage a reality. Going back into the trenches gave him appreciation for what it takes to run a successful tech company.

Building great software is sometimes more art than science. And running a tech company, and staying at the leading edge of software trends gave him what we needed to create the company—and software—he dreamed of.

Envase Technologies (en-VAH-say) became a reality in 2020 with its first acquisition. Larry’s time in the tech industry taught him that buying a great solution and team is a great way to put together a complete solutions package faster than trying to develop each part from scratch. Larry looks for more than just great tech, but tech plus people plus processes are where you create something awesome.

To date, eight firms have been acquired and brought under the Envase umbrella. Each acquisition strategically added firms with world-class technology, top-notch operational processes, decades of intermodal knowledge, and streamlined distribution channels.

In a few short years Envase is now more than just the largest drayage TMS provider in North America; it’s the most innovative. Customers of our portfolio systems have a front row seat as we build new solutions to revolutionize and digitize the lifecycle of a container. We are building a cloud-based TMS to connect all aspects of a drayage business and gives a competitive edge in the market. The vision of a digital drayage ecosystem is underway. Stay tuned to see what Envase is building next!

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