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Technology Finally Leveling the Playing Field for Owner-Operators

In the drayage industry, Owner-Operators play a crucial role in providing capacity to companies that need it.

As small business owners who also drive trucks, Owner-Operators face many challenges. Envase Technologies is here to make their lives easier and more profitable. We will be showcasing how Envase is Digitizing Drayage with Envase TMS and Envase Order AI at the HTA DrayTech and IANA Expo events in September.

Envase is a family of freight technologies on a mission to digitize-drayage. Trusted names such as Compcare Services, DrayMaster, GTG Technology Group, Infosite, Profit Tools, SecurSpace, and Tailwind Transportation Software make up Envase, and make it the largest drayage focused TMS provider in North America. And being the largest, Envase can leverage its hundreds (upon hundreds) of collective years in dray-tech, to make tools once only accessible to the major carriers in the industry, available to all owner-operators.

Envase customer locations

Envase TMS and Envase Mobile: Built Specifically for Owner-Operators Running Ten Trucks or Less

Envase TMS isn’t a stripped-down TMS solution. Small companies need a fully featured TMS built specifically for them and their needs. They need an easy-to-use system that handles all the integral drayage business operations, like:

  • Managing dispatch, billing, settlements, and driver safety
  • Automating order entry, invoicing, and payments
  • Tracking loads in real-time
  • Finding the cheapest rates on fuel, factoring and secure storage (by accessing the Envase Exchange Marketplace)
  • Booking and posting loads (through Envase’s North American load-boar)

And how do you make sure a driver gets all the info they need to accept a run, make a delivery, and record everything? If you’re still calling drivers, shuffling stacks of paper, and waiting to invoice because something is missing, you’re leaving money on the table.

Envase Mobile, included with the Envase TMS, lets drivers accept runs, upload documents, get trucking directions, and confirm delivery from their phone. It provides drivers with information on-the-go (weather, traffic, fuel deals). There’s no delay waiting for a driver to confirm that they have the load. There’s no wondering if the load was delivered on time. With Envase Lite coupled with Envase Mobile, you’ll know exactly when a job was accepted and delivered and be able to invoice a client as soon as a delivery is made because PODs flow from your drivers’ phones into your TMS automatically.

Envase Order AI: Taking the Work Out of Handling Work Orders

Trucking businesses rely on work orders to track who is moving what, where, when, and for whom. But manually receiving, entering, tracking, and dispatching work orders is a time-consuming pain and prone to mistakes.

What if you could do most of the job without lifting a finger? What if incoming emails were scanned and work orders generated and queued up for you to approve? How much time would that save you a day, a week, a month? Order AI is the better way to handle work orders and prepare them for dispatching. Artificial intelligence and machine learning do most of the work, and let your staff help you grow your business.

Order AI isn’t designed to replace people. It’s designed to replace the things people do that computers can do faster so that people can focus on higher-level (read: more profitable) tasks.

Envase Lets You Get Down to Business

Envase believes the future of intermodal trucking will be driven by better and more intelligent technology. They also believe in leveling the playing field. Technology isn’t just for the big players; it needs to benefit everyone. In the past, the promise of technology has left too many people behind. That’s changing – Envase has digitized drayage.

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