Envase Webinar Series Recap: SecurSpace 101

Have yard space? Make it work for you.

Need a secure parking or storage space? There’s a nationwide network of available yards on SecurSpace calling your name. 🚛

In this webinar, Marina, Envase’s Digital Marketing Project Manager, and Bobby Strenk, the Senior Director of the SecurSpace marketplace, discussed the ins and outs of SecurSpace, an on-demand marketplace for secure yard storage. Whether you’re already a SecurSpace partner or customer or looking to discover its value, this webinar covered everything you need to know:

  • What is SecurSpace?
  • How to book yard space on-demand
  • How to list yard space and become a SecurSpace Partner Yard
  • What we do to help ensure the safety of your equipment
  • What’s coming for SecurSpace
  • Live Audience Q&A

SecurSpace 101: Key Takeaways

Let’s dive into the key points discussed during the webinar.

Introducing SecurSpace: A Digital Marketplace for Flexible Container Storage

SecurSpace was founded in 2018 with the mission to address the storage needs of carriers who were facing challenges finding suitable storage spaces for their equipment. The founder, while leasing chassis, discovered the demand for storage among carriers but realized there was a lack of visibility regarding available storage facilities.

  • #TruckersHelpTruckers: SecurSpace serves as a community that connects those in need of storage with facilities that have extra storage capacity. By fostering relationships and leveraging the power of connections, SecurSpace creates a mutually beneficial environment where everyone can support and assist each other. But we’re not talking only truckers, we mean carriers, shippers, brokers, freight forwarders, 3PLs, warehouses, distribution centers, container depots, any stakeholder in the supply chain.
  • SecurSpace enables the commercialization and procurement of yard storage, accommodating all types of intermodal equipment — containers, chassis, trucks, trailers, reefers, refrigerated plugins, 53′ dry vans — you name it.
  • Flexibility and Transparency: Book yard spaces on demand on a daily or monthly basis, the price you see is what you get. We know that one of the only constants in this industry is change, so if your needs change, your booking can change with them. You are in control.

SecurSpace’s Network and Stats

  • In 2022 alone, SecurSpace parter yards generated over $150 Million in storage revenue
  • The proof is in the booking: Since launching in 2018, customers have booked over 13 million spaces using SecurSpace
  • SecurSpace operates throughout the United States, with over 500 active partner yards concentrated in major marine and rail intermodal hubs.
  • The network continues to expand to meet the growing demand for storage in various regions. (Psst… Canada incoming. If you have yard space in Canada, we’re looking for a few partner yards to start our pilot program. Reach out to Bobby Strenk at robert.strenk@wisetechglobal.com)
  • SecurSpace adapts and grows along with you, our customers. We work to diversify our offerings as your needs evolve.

Booking Space at SecurSpace: Storage Where and When You Need It

Booking a space on SecurSpace is a seamless and intuitive process. You can create a SecurSpace account easily, or simply search the network without an account by visiting secure.space. The search page allows you to select your desired location, such as Savannah, Georgia, and view a list of available locations on the map. Detailed information about each location, including security features like lights, cameras, and 24/7 access, can be found by scrolling down on the left-hand side. Within minutes, you can find the space you need based on equipment, location, security features, and price, and request space with one click.

  • Its as simple as 1, 2, 3. Search, Book, Pay. For a quick demo, jump to 16:20 in the webinar recording to watch Bobby walk through it!
  • Booking requests receive real-time responses from yards within a maximum of 30 minutes, eliminating the waiting time often associated with traditional storage solutions
  • Reduce operating costs by booking a space through SecurSpace, instead of getting railed by detention and demurrage charges.
  • The platform allows you to book yard storage on a flexible basis, accommodating changes in your operation’s needs. If circumstances change, you can easily adjust bookings without the burden of long-term leases.
  • SecurSpace promotes pricing transparency by presenting a range of rates across its network of locations. You can compare prices and select a yard that best aligns with your budget and operational requirements.

Revolutionizing Storage Management for Partner Yards

SecurSpace is a groundbreaking platform that aims to redefine storage management for outdoor storage facilities in the transportation industry. Joining SecurSpace as a partner opens up opportunities to diversify revenue streams in a cost-effective manner by monetizing your underutilized storage space.

  • SecurSpace acts as a sales distribution channel, ensuring that partner locations are properly marketed and exposed to a diverse audience of carriers, 3PLs, and shippers.
  • By leveraging SecurSpace’s extensive network of over 5,000 customer accounts, partners can tap into a broader customer base and increase their top-line revenue.
  • SecurSpace goes beyond being just a marketplace for storage. It provides partners with a comprehensive storage management solution. Through the platform, partners gain access to various tools and resources that simplify the process.
  • Partners can have real-time visibility and automation in their bookings, rates, invoices, and revenue, eliminating the need for manual tracking and management. SecurSpace ensures that partner space and customer relationships are efficiently handled and protected.

Becoming a Partner Yard

To become a SecurSpace partner, the setup process is seamless and only takes a few steps:

  1. Create a SecurSpace Account: The account creation process is simple and can be done entirely online. Partners need to provide detailed information about their facility, including competitive advantages, pictures, and pricing.
  2. Collaborate with a SecurSpace Parking Pro: Once the account is created, you collaborate with a SecurSpace parking pro to optimize your location profile. Based on SecurSpace’s experience with over 500 locations, the parking pro provides insights and guidance on profile improvements and pricing strategies.
  3. Go Live and Diversify Revenue: After optimizing the location profile, you can go live on the SecurSpace platform within an hour. Once live, your facility becomes visible on the map, allowing customers to search and submit booking requests directly. At that point you can start accepting bookings and generating revenue effortlessly!

If you are interested in listing your yard, get a more in-depth look by booking a free personalized demo with Bobby by emailing him here: robert.strenk@wisetechglobal.com

Secure is in the name

At Securspace, our goal is to redefine what it means to be a container and truck storage facility. We understand the importance of trust and security when it comes to storing valuable equipment and goods, so it is a priority for us to take measures to uphold the safety of your equipment and yard.

  • To ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, we vet facilities based on minimum requirements, beginning with a fenced and gated lot, and in most cases CCTV and lights at minimum.
  • Beyond that, we encourage partner yards to implement more security measures and these are displayed on every yard listing on SecurSpace.
  • To provide value and minimize disruption to partner facilities, we use a prepaid reserved model. Payment from customers is collected upfront upon booking confirmation to validate the legitimacy of the customer’s booking, and eliminates the need for manual invoicing or payment collection.
  • Partners always have sole discretion of approving booking requests. Not only does this help manage capacity, but it provides a layer of control, putting the power into your hands to make the ultimate decision about who enters your yard.

Wrapping it up

SecurSpace is revolutionizing the way we approach yard storage with its innovative on-demand marketplace. By connecting carriers and facility owners, SecurSpace facilitates seamless transactions and provides a secure and trustworthy environment for storage needs. With a growing network of over 500 locations across the United States and a commitment to continuous improvement, SecurSpace is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry. Whether you’re a carrier in need of storage or a facility owner with underutilized capacity, SecurSpace offers a solution that meets your requirements. Discover the immense value that SecurSpace brings to the table and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Thank you to all of our webinar attendees for joining live and asking questions. Whether you want to book space, list space, or go to space *wink*, were here to take that journey with you.

To continue the conversation, reach out to Bobby Strenk at robert.strenk@wisetechglobal.com

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