Getting up-to-date quotes

Ensure you’re getting current rates from your trucking partners with DrayMaster’s built-in tools.

Current toll charges

Accurate toll charges are a key component in routing, rating and reconciliation. DrayMaster allows truckers to leverage the industry standard for U.S. and Canadian lanes with toll charges provided by PCMiler(R) .

Accurate mileage calculations

Point-to-point mileage calculations can vary based on the source – google maps, map quest ect… For consistency DrayMaster utilizes the standard for the industry, PCMiler(R), used by the majority of top motor carriers and freight transportation firms in North America.

DOE fuel pricing for fuel surcharges

The price of fuel can change daily. Truckers can easily keep on top of fuel surcharges with built-in access to the Department of Energy’s widely accepted average retail pricing, published weekly.

Built in reminders

With so many moving pieces, it’s difficult for truckers to stay on top of their rates. In addition to the handy tools mentioned above, DrayMaster provides access to built-in triggers to help truckers keep on top of their rates including expiration dates for quotes and regular reminders to review fuel surcharges.

These are just a few of the ways DrayMaster delivers less uncertainty and more transparency to the drayage industry.

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