The golden age of e-commerce panel discussion

The Golden Age of E-Commerce

E-commerce was already gaining acceptance and technological sophistication when the pandemic imposed exponential growth and tremendous acceleration of the industry’s growth projections.

Suddenly, consumers expected quick and seamless delivery of any and all goods, directly to their homes – without the slightest hiccup. And while any industry welcomes heightened demand for its services, the e-commerce market also had to rise to this challenge as the supply chain/logistics industry dealt with unprecedented challenges of its own.

How could e-commerce retailers satisfy consumer demand for instant gratification – with ships idled in Shanghai, goods sitting in the congested ports of Long Beach, drayage providers pushed to their limit and warehouse labor insufficient to deal with excess inventories?

The answer is that disruption is the mother of digital transformation.

Technology companies have seen the challenge and risen to the occasion. They’re conceiving and bolstering platforms to address everything from network capacity to last-mile visibility. And innovators are challenging longstanding mindsets that too often force retailers to tell customers: “Sorry. We can’t get it done.”

Our panelists are:

  • Bart Demuynck, executive vice president of Project 44
  • Andrew Serby, founder of Entermarket
  • Bill Catania, CEO of OneRail

Our moderator is Caroline Lyle, CEO of Driven Brands.

You will learn about how the industry responded when its five-year plans suddenly had to be implemented in 18 months. You will learn about the game-changing impact of API technology, and how API-first strategies paved the way for success in the midst of these first-of-their-kind challenges.

And you will discover why real-time connectivity is ultimately the key to everything that determines whether an e-commerce player will win the day or crumble amidst the chaos.

Those who are succeeding are the great problem-solvers. Envase brought together this panel so that everyone in the industry would have the opportunity and the insight to be part of that triumphant group.

Enjoy the discussion!

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