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Beneficial Software: How a TMS Can Help You

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By now, most companies have heard about a TMS software. Most successful business have already purchased, implemented and are exceedingly competent in utilizing a TMS to excel in their customer service and growing their business and profits; but you’re still wondering how. So, how can a TMS software help your business?

TMS in the Ware(House)

There are a lot of benefits to a TMS. One of the biggest involves inventory. This product can help track your sales and deliveries while ensuring customers receive their orders on time. By doing all of this, you are reducing the number of times you need to check your inventory.

This provides the boost you need to forecast your future inventory and provide a wide range of products to your customers. This software also aids in productivity at the warehouse. It allows the warehouse to view and prepare orders for shipment, see what products are coming into the store, and track where each item is stored. Being able to keep productivity up and watch the inventory closely are two of the great benefits of a TMS software.

TMS and Customer Service

Having a TMS system provides higher customer service ratings and allows you to know that your customers are satisfied. Due to the abilities of a TMS, you can track customer orders from checkout to delivery and ensure they have the best experience possible. Once the customer has submitted their order in checkout, you can watch through a TMS as the warehouse prepares the order and packages it.

You can then watch as the carrier arrives to pick up the order and track it to each checkpoint. A TMS will also show you when the package has been delivered to the customer, thus ensuring timely deliveries. If there are any issues along the way, you will be notified through a TMS and can resolve the problem immediately – or for future orders if nothing is to be done at the time.

TMS and Cash Flow

Cash flow is an important aspect of any business. A TMS can help eliminate the stress of any cashflow problems. Use of paying for freight, consolidating assets, and auditing the books through a TMS can decrease your workload and increase your cash flow.

By using a TMS, the freight bill alone, for any company, can decrease anywhere from 2-10% of the previous total before a TMS. This is just one way a TMS can help your business grow, both in customer service and finances.

What’s Right for Your Business?

Using a TMS software has many benefits for every business. The important thing is choosing what’s right for your business. This requires a lot of research on your part to ensure the TMS system you choose is right for you. It’s important to ensure each aspect of the TMS system you choose has every essential you need for your growing business.

Keep these few features and benefits in mind, but still research your next TMS system fully before using. You never know what features you may wish you had later.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally written for the GTG Technology Group, Beneficial Software: How a TMS Can Help You.

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