How to Efficiently Manage Your Trucking Shipments

Leverage Trucker Tools’ time-saving applications and functionality for the full cycle of truckload shipment management. 

 What tools are you currently using for managing your tracking and freight optimization? 

From automated booking to in-transit tracking, Trucker Tools expanded integration with Tailwind TMS provides a powerful combination of capacity visibility and streamlined workflows. Discover how Trucker Tools can provide an end to end solution where you can cover a load, track the load, and book reloads in a seamless transaction between you and your carriers:

Automated, Real-Time Shipment Tracking App

Trucker tools popular driver app, downloaded by over 1,000,000 drivers, is built as a lifestyle app with over 17 features to use on the road. Drivers are provided with a variety of features such as real-time visibility, digital freight matching and real-time shipment tracking to eliminate check calls. Drivers are also provided with a way to find parking, find the cheapest fuel, and find rest areas. The variety of features are specifically designed for the driver to make their life easier on the road!

Real-Time Visibility

Trucker Tools customers get an average tracking compliance of 72% from start to finish. And customers that follow Trucker tools best practices receive over 90% tracking compliance. 

You’re provided with real-time tracking updates every 5 minutes so you know exactly where your freight is at all times and can satisfy shipper requirements. Trucker Tools also provides an additional hands on support for your team and your drivers to ensure that your compliance requirements are met! 

Digital Freight Matching Platform

The digital freight matching (DFM) platform helps to reduce or eliminate overhead costs of covering a load. Drivers are able to search for loads and send a quote for the load directly in the app. Using market intelligence, you\’ll be finding truck capacity days in advance, eliminating some of the last minute scramble. Fill the trucks in your network sooner rather than later!   

Trucker Tools digital freight matching helps you lessen the number of phone calls and carrier interactions on booking a load. This frees up your staff to find more freight, new carriers, or other revenue generating activities.  

Not a One Size Fits All

Trucker tools has 4 approaches to their digital freight matching. Drivers can book loads and negotiate rates directly in the app, keeping everything in one centralized location: 

  • With Book It Now – your variable cost on loads booked through this method is reduced significantly
  • With digital freight matching – carriers initiate a discussion of rate or terms through the app or portal
  • Carriers can call you to discuss the load through the app or portal 
  • Brokers can call from a list of vetted and available carriers to find the best match quickly

Integrating Trucker Tools with Tailwind TMS

Easily integrate Trucker Tools with Tailwind to get more accurate arrived and departed information flowing directly into your TMS. The integration will speed-up how quickly you can find carriers for the loads you need to move.

Once the Trucker Tools and Tailwind TMS integration is implemented you will no longer need to do check calls to find out whether the load has been picked up or delivered. This will free you up to work on the important task of growing your business! 

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