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Intermodal Companies Accelerate Integration During COVID-19

Test of Adaptability and Resilience During 2020

For so many intermodal companies, 2020 has been a true test of everyone’s adaptability and resilience. No one understands this more than GTG Technology Group. At the onset of this pandemic, the demand placed on the intermodal industry for supplies, food, and anything needed to maintain this new normal was at an all-time high. In spite of this pressure, GTG’s aim has consistently been to do everything within our power to ensure the safety of all parties involved from shipping, to transport, to receiving utilizing our TMS Software.

The need to move from the traditional on-premises storage to a hosted cloud environment has become more important than ever as safety precautions are implemented for less physical interactions with documents and the need for office staff to work remotely during this pandemic.

The Transition for Intermodal Companies to TMS Software

GTG’s cloud-based intermodal software technology has assisted intermodal companies transition from the traditional on-premise operations to a hosted tms software which will allow more people to work remotely while still maintaining the control needed for stability. This has been proven true even during these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of having to decide between the efficiency of cloud-based servers as opposed to the security and control of the on-premise storage that many intermodal companies already utilize, GTG has developed the best of both worlds with remote integration. This intermodal software has been a part of our business long before the pandemic. Your company is not buying into a quick-fix solution but a TMS software that has been sustainable before during and after COVID-19.

Through the use of GTG’s cloud-based technology, our clients are able to have consistent access to everything needed from the comfort of their home-office and for those in the field and on the road to have greater access to vital documents.

Pros of Intermodal Companies Transitioning to GTG’s Cloud Technology:

  • Reduced costs: With the traditional on-premises model, you are responsible for paying for the assets as well as the recurring expenses associated with the server equipment, power utilization, and space. With our cloud-based programming, you are only liable for the assets you utilize with no recurring costs.
  • 100% Remote Access: Allows for you to be “physically hands-off”: Protects you, your employees, all associates individuals, and the general public from contracting and spreading COVID-19 as well as any other virus (flu-season). You are able to conduct all meetings and communications from the safety of your home and transport vital documents and information without the need for face-to-face interactions.
  • Holistic Solution: Ability to integrate with other technologies such as TabNet, Optinet, etc… Which allows you to integrate our system with your current system allowing for a smoother transition to our cloud-based technology.
  • Security: As with any platform whether it is on-premise or cloud-based, the biggest concern is SECURITY. While there is no fool-proof guarantee, GTG Technologies is committed to ensuring consistent measures are taken to provide you with the best security possible.

While the transition to our cloud-based system will take some time and will include a learning curve, GTG has always been committed to making the transition as smooth as possible for making the essential move to a COVID-proof system like ours for trucking companies. Once you are set up, you will be able to share information, communicate with clients, employees in the field, and collaborators all from the comfort of your home, office, or any remote location. Once you see the efficiency and efficacy of the software during these turbulent times, we believe you will be able to continue with our cloud-based technology even after things open back up.

Commitment to the Intermodal Industry using our TMS Software

GTG is committed to ensuring the progression of the intermodal industry as it is the system that keeps our society functioning at optimal performance. That includes protecting the health of all individuals involved. We are not merely a group of software developers providing a solution. We have spent our lives in the transportation and intermodal industry and developed a software that is both useful and easy to incorporate into the daily processes of this industry.

For those companies currently utilizing our technology during these times, please feel free to send us your stories and advice as to how we can improve our offerings. Also, if you have any further intrigue into our technology, please request a demo today.

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