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The most features and best functionality in the industry

Successful dray operations require the right information at your fingertips. GTG Technology Group’s unsurpassed Intermodal Drayage Management software solution gives you everything you need right when you need it, wherever you are.

Holistic solutions for your whole business mean all your operations are unified for maximum efficiency. Upload documents that automatically stay with the order all the way. Pay vendors and get paid by clients in the same place you track orders and select routes. You get great visibility, easy access to data, better customer service and it’s easy for your teams to find what they need, too. And since our software is fully cloud-based, you eliminate IT concerns.

Our drayage software gives you the most features and best functionality in the industry, all designed to match the way you work.

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Complete dispatch functionality lets you assign, manage and view all orders with their complete histories, while avoiding duplicate order entries.

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Multi-stop shipments

Multi-stop shipments are easy to search as they are to manage and create.

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Per diem calculations

Per diem rates automatically calculated and displayed on all status screens, so you can prioritize dispatch.

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Manage your accessorials

Create, view, fax and manage accessorial charges, including multiple or pending charges.

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No duplicate data entry

Integrated invoice generation based on data entered in dispatch.

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Simplified settlements

Driver settlements calculated with color coded review lists, approval screens and move detail sheets.

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Complete driver and truck management and safety compliance information.

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Fully supported

Complete help desk support via email, phone or the web as well as video training support. Full maintenance & update support.

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  • Automatically traces each active trailer and container with the railroad that is specified in the order.
  • Automatically updates each order with the latest movement location, date, and time.
  • Adds each trace record to a trace history database, enabling users to view all trace records for an order with just a click of the mouse.
  • Lets you automatically update orders with rail notifications, including the last day of free time if made available by the notifying railroad.
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