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4 Simple Ways to Keep Healthy as a Trucker

Eating healthy

Truckers have very unique lifestyles that come with a plethora of challenges. With long hours on the road, taking the time to exercise or finding healthy meals can be difficult. Studies show that nine out of every ten truck drivers are at risk for a disease such as obesity, diabetes, or a smoking addiction. As a trucker, it is important to know how to stay healthy.

Packing Your Own Food

Fast food and gas station snacks are some of the biggest culprits of the health issues amongst truckers. Many truck drivers feel they do not have time to stop for a sit-down meal, opting instead to buy fast, cheap meals they can eat on the road. This type of food can lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and general discomfort in daily life.

Try to pack your own food in a cooler before hitting the road. You can plan your meals around healthy options you have at home. Additionally, if you must stop at gas stations for food, buy nutritious snacks. For example, buy almonds or peanuts instead of chips.

Along with eating well, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can lead to numerous serious health issues. Keep a water bottle next to you in the truck and continuously drink from it throughout the day. Try to make sure there is always water in it, so you have constant access to drinking water.

Exercise Whenever You Have a Chance

Not only is it important to eat well, truck drivers must make an extra effort to get exercise. Many drivers spend hours, if not days, in their truck without getting the opportunity to get any type of exercise. Take every chance you have to work out. In the mornings before starting your route, wake up a little earlier and go on a power walk or run through your neighborhood. This will help you stay healthy and energized.

You can also keep exercise equipment in your truck so you can workout at truck stops. Folding bicycles, running shoes, or weights can fit easily in your truck. Even a short bike ride around the parking lot when you stop will help prevent some of the diseases that accompany the sedentary lifestyle of truck drivers.

Invest in a Great Sleeping Situation

As a trucker, you essentially live in your truck. Make sure you have everything you need to sleep well. Invest in a nice berth mattress and buy a portable fan and heater so you can stay warm or cool if your truck breaks down and you must wait for repairs. It is important to get sleep while you are on the road, both for your health and safety.

Keep Your Mind Active

Spending hours staring at the road can be a mind-numbing activity. Not only for your overall happiness but also for your mental health, it is important to keep your mind active. Keep audiobooks in your truck. Focusing on a story or certain subject is a good way to prevent severe boredom. Some truckers also get language tapes. If you have always wanted to learn French or Spanish, driving is a great opportunity. If you are playing music, try branching out from your regular genres. Get your mind pumping as you think about the new lyrics and melodies.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally written for the GTG Technology Group, 4 Simple Ways to Keep Healthy as a Trucker.

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