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Load Tracking Now Available in Tailwind TMS with e4score Integration and Partnership

Free shipment-tracking and trailer tracking from $71 a year now available through Tailwind TMS

June 24, 2020 – Tailwind Transportation Software is pleased to announce a new partnership and technology integration with e4score. Through this partnership, Tailwind has secured special pricing on two break-through tracking capabilities:  EZCheck-In and EZTrack.  e4score’s EZCheck-In is integrated into the Tailwind TMS, allowing trucking companies and freight brokers to easily track shipments for free with their existing Tailwind subscription*. Carriers can use EZTrack to track their tractors and trailers, and optimize asset utilization, for as little as $71 per asset /year (vs others at $110 and up).

“Tailwind Transportation Software is the leading freight, trucking and TMS software brand in the software-as-a-service market,” says Tailwind President and CEO, Reg Robazza, “and our customers deserve to have access to top-of-the-line trailer and shipment-tracking software at prices that they can afford. Our partnership with e4score delivers just that.”

The e4score suite of software offers technical solutions that automate supply chain processes, helping freight businesses ensure compliance, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

EZCheck-In integration provides Tailwind TMS users:

  • Free shipment tracking*
  • App-less shipment event tracking that closes the visibility gap and eliminates check-calls
  • GPS-validated event timestamps and dwell times
  • Web-enabled messaging that allows drivers to check-in/out, report gate/dock/yard moves and receive dock instructions
  • The ability for drivers to manage all interactions on their phone without leaving their cab, increasing COVID-19 safety

“EZCheck-In is a win-win gamechanger,” says EZCheck-In user, Frank Matarazzo, CEO Fusion Transport. “Drivers now check-in from the safety of their cab, significantly reducing contact and increasing warehouse safety. We also send dock instructions via EZCheck-In, accelerating our warehouse operations and reducing driver dwell time.”

EZTrack features:

  • Innovative analytics that enable fleet managers to quickly review asset and fleet utilization, and develop plans to reduce costs and improve ROI
  • Optimized trailer utilization using asset-tracking WiFi or GPS-enabled devices with 3+ year battery life
  • Frequent pings to ensure that there are no ‘dark’ or ‘lost and never found’ trailers

e4score President, Chuck Irwin, explains, “As both Tailwind TMS and e4score aim to level the playing field for small-to-mid-sized freight businesses, we are excited to work together to deliver this patent-pending supply-chain technology at pricing up to 50% lower than leading services.”

To learn how the Tailwind TMS, EZCheck-In and EZTrack can help your freight business, book a time to chat with a Tailwind Customer Success agent:

*Tailwind Pro subscribers can track 25 shipments free per month. Tailwind Enterprise subscribers can track 50 shipments free per month. Tailwind Unlimited subscribers can track an unlimited number of shipments per month.

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About Tailwind Software Holdings Ltd.

Since 2002, Tailwind has helped thousands of small and mid-sized trucking companies and freight brokerages improve their cash-flow, profitability, and better compete with the big players in the market. We provide award-winning, web-based Trucking & Freight Broker Software on a month-to-month subscription. No Long Term Contracts. No Big Installation Charges. No Maintenance Fees. Start a free trial in less than 60-seconds.

About e4score

e4score specializes in developing bespoke technical solutions for the logistics and transportation industry that automate supply chain processes, remove thorns to ensure compliance, increase productivity and reduce costs.  The e4score suite provides end-to-end visibility including returns/refusals disposition, significantly reducing costs for shippers and their logistics partners.  Learn more at gete4score.com.

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