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Making a Difference in the Lives of Veterans and Children

Envase and Envase President Jim Hickman Sponsor Maritime & Intermodal Topgolf Charity Night

There are companies and people who say they stand for helping the world around them, and then there are the people and companies that actually do. Recently Envase and Envase President, Jim Hickman, jointly sponsored the second annual Maritime & Intermodal Topgolf Charity Night supporting two charities doing essential work in the community.

The Maritime & Intermodal Topgolf Charity Night supported Project Protect Our Children fighting child trafficking and Camp Hope which helps vets recover and heal from PTSD. Envase and Jim were happy to be able to co-sponsor the event.

Of course the event was fun, but the real goal is raising money and awareness for two very important and essential causes. Causes that help our most vulnerable and those who have bravely served their country and now need our support to be whole again.

Envase isn’t just a company that makes software, Envase is made up of people who care. Envase employees across North America are part of their communities helping out in ways large and small.

This event in Houston is just one example of how Envase gives back to the community. Our company, our people, are a part of the community and we’ll be announcing more events like this in the future.

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