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How to Manage Your Fleet in Real-Time with Samsara and Tailwind

Reduce the amount of check-calls and manage your assets remotely with Tailwind’s latest partnership with Samsara. 

Tailwind Enterprise and Unlimited users can now gain greater visibility into their assets by connecting their orders with Samsara’s platform. With live GPS tracking and ELD solutions, Tailwind’s integration with Samsara will help you streamline your business and accurately manage your fleet.

What is an ELD?  

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is device that connects directly to a vehicle’s control module, recording hours of service and engine status. ELDs are now required by mandate in USA and Canada, replacing traditional paper logs.

The benefits of ELDs include automatic monitoring of hours of service, improving driver safety, and reducing paperwork for the office. Tracking hours of service is only one of the many features offered by Samsara — under their connected platform, fleet managers gain a real-time view into their entire fleet. 

Real-Time Visibility into Your Fleet 

Samsara’s portal and camera helps users gain accurate information on their fleet and use data from vehicles to make better business decisions. With Samsara, users can improve their fleet operations with features such as:  

  • Accurate, to-the-second GPS tracking on loads 
  • Monitoring road conditions through the live camera feed   
  • Maintaining the condition of assets with temperature and humidity sensors  
  • Ensuring safety and compliance with speed alerts and fuel sensors 
  • Comparing vehicle metrics with industry benchmarks 

Improving the Customer Experience 

With Samsara, dispatchers will be able to provide live updates when they share the Helicopter View feature with their customers. The Helicopter View displays the accurate location of a moving vehicle on a map, providing the customer with the satisfaction of knowing where their shipments are.

Integrating Tailwind with Samsara 

With this new integration, information from your orders will flow seamlessly from one app to the other. Tailwind users can now send direct messages to the Samsara app, making communication with drivers effortless.   

When completing an order on Tailwind, it is as simple as pressing the \”Update Samsara\” button to push this order into the driver\’s Samsara app. Once a driver receives their route, they can record their arrival/departures manually or automatically by setting up geofencing. Users will also be able to view the last location of their equipment using Samsara’s real-time GPS tracking.

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