Gate Management

secur space

Smart parking systems

Equipment tracking

Track equipment that is on your facility with easy-to-use online tools. Your team will have a live look at Current Inventory and Historical Interchange Data.

Manage customers

Manage the SecūrSpace Marketplace customers who book space at your facility and automatically track and bill overages. Have existing customers? You have the option to migrate all reservations to be tracked and billed online.

Gain Visibility

With in-depth reporting that your entire team can share, reports can give insight into your operations.

$2.5M in overage billing

Facilities using Smart Parking Systems by SecūrSpace have earned $2.5 Million in overuse and overstay spaces so far.

105,000+ overage spaces

OVERAGE SPACES CAPTURED Over 105,000 overage spaces have been captured and billed through the Smart Parking Systems.

60 hours saved per month

TIME SAVED Facilities using Smart Parking Systems save, on average, 60 hours per month at each facility. Yard operations and office operations both benefit from the tools and services.

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