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SecurSpace is now part of CargoWise Landside. Visit the Storage Management page to lear more.
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SecūrSpace Makes Equipment Parking & Storage a Breeze

SecūrSpace is an online marketplace that connects companies looking for parking and storage options to companies with dedicated or excess capacity. 


Our platform was built to combat issues caused by the lack of adequate space in cities and near major highways and interstates. Businesses and individuals around the world contend with this issue on a daily basis — solving this problem is our specialty.


Through our marketplace, SecūrSpace Partner Locations gain access to a vast network of potential Customers who need their excess real estate capacity. We help our Partners generate new revenue and provide the tools to manage this new business simply and seamlessly through our Gate Management System.

SecurSpace Customers use our marketplace every day to reserve parking and storage for commercial vehicles, overnight truck parking, trailer and container drop yards, and many other needs. If your team needs a secure location to park a loaded trailer tonight or you’re looking for a flexible solution for a project in a new city, SecūrSpace is your one-stop solution.

Find the right fit

Search for available parking and storage space with the security, visibility and access that meets your needs.

Flexibile arrangements

Reserve and pay only for the capacity you need; no more long term commitments.

Growing national network

Access a growing network of locations in every major transportation hub.

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