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New Tools, Fuel Savings and Events: Envase April Newsletter

New driver app and business intelligence offerings, how to save on fuel, upcoming events, and the latest Envase team member spotlight. Here is the Envase April Newsletter

Just Launched 🚀: Envase Mobile Driver App

The Envase Mobile driver app improves communication, saves time, accelerates cash flow, and integrates with multiple Envase TMS systems. Read the press release, or watch the webinar to learn how Envase Mobile can help you:

  • Dispatch drivers 
  • Get paid faster
  • Keep drivers happier 
  • Reduce back-and-forth phone calls and texts 
  • See delivery status with no extra work from your driver

Envase BI: For Actionable Business Intelligence

If you’re tired of relying on spreadsheets, screens upon screens of data, and your ‘gut’ to make the important decisions that will take your intermodal and drayage business to the next level, the Envase BI business intelligence solution may be your answer.

Blog: Get on Top of Fuel Costs

The transport industry is always looking for ways to mitigate the impact of fuel costs. Even when costs are low, this is an issue. And during a time like this, it’s absolutely critical.

Read our blog to learn how you can save an average of 50-cents per gallon, or more!

Event: HTA Draytech 2022

Envase is excited to be the title sponsor of DrayTech 2022 as we showcase the latest technologies that move freight faster.

There will be great tech, great prizes, and great food and drink throughout the day… and into the evening. We hope to see you there!

Meet with Envase

infosite technologies

Stop by at Truck World (April 21-23) to say hello to Bob and Justine from Envase’s Infosite team. Not able to attend the show but want to learn more about Infosite’s new Warehousing and Maintenance modules? Set up a time to meet virtually!

Envase Team Member Spotlight

Get to know Nick Hutchison, Sales Development at Envase.

What is the weirdest food you have ever tried?

Nick: “I am ALL about weird food… a few of the strange foods I have tried include: an Alpaca Burger in Peru and a Svið (sheep’s head) in Iceland!”

Embrace What’s Next…

That’s all for Envase’s April Newsletter. See you in May!

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