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Onboarding a new trucker to DrayMaster

Getting a new drayage partner to change may seem daunting, but at DrayMaster, we have a process that reduces frustration and increases efficiency.

The intro

A standard announcement from your organization announcing a new and improved opportunity to connect and do business leveraging DrayMaster.

Welcoming providers

We welcome your providers to the DrayMaster Family. We convey our goal of guiding them through getting set up quickly and easily, breaking down the process into 4 simple steps. We also manage expectations as far as time commitment and completion.

· Step 1 – Account Set Up (2 minutes)

· Step 2 – Define Service Territories (10-20 minutes, depending on the number of territories you service)

· Step 3 – Upload Documents & Logo (10 minutes to gather and upload)

· Step 4 – Provide your Rate Tariff (10 – 20 minutes to gather and upload)


We reach out to each provider to aid in the process, track progress and ensure completion. Our team is available via phone, email and chat to answer questions every step of the way.

In addition, we provide updates to your team to keep you apprised of their progress towards completion.


To ensure accurate data entry, we perform a thorough analysis of the provider\’s rates. We check for complete coverage, missing information, data anomalies as well as full rate and accessorial details.


Once a thorough analysis has been completed and all errors or missing points have been updated, we release the rate, providing access to your team.

Ongoing process improvement

We constantly strive for improvement. Our process is continuously evolving as we leverage new tools and improved processes to ensure a streamlined experience for both you and your providers.

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