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PRESS RELEASE – DrayMaster Announces 10 Million Rate Searches

DrayMaster Announces 10 Million Rate Searches

Milestone marks undisputed leadership in automated rate management market.

Henderson, Nev. Oct 21, 2020 – DrayMaster, an automated rate management platform, announced that it has supported and delivered on more than 10 million rate searches. This significant milestone makes DrayMaster the undisputed leader in the rate management space and provides absolute confidence for truckers, 3PLs, brokers and freight forwarders that DrayMaster’s platform delivers the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date rates. Drayage rates are the final puzzle piece that gives 3PLs, brokers and freight forwarders the ability to quote complete and accurate door-to-door rates.

This visibility and access to accurate drayage rates is especially important as the industry’s driver shortage continues, capacity remains tight, and companies fight to stay flexible to changing customer demands amidst the COVD-19 pandemic.

“With more than 10 million rate searches, our customers know they are getting a full view of available rates and clear visibility to accurate door-to-door rates,” explained Travis Barnier, president of DrayMaster.

“Better visibility into drayage rates helps truckers win new business that maximizes their capacity, and it helps 3PLs, brokers and freight forwarders uncover new trucking relationships they might not otherwise have found.”

Used by eight of the 10 largest global freight forwarders, DrayMaster is a single source for managing all rate complexities of intermodal drayage moves and is the only provider that quotes a complete intermodal full container load rate that includes all known accessorials. With the comprehensive and widely used DrayMaster platform, more than 2,700 trucking companies and dray partners can work faster and more efficiently, and truckers can offer accurate rates with more details that keeps pricing transparent and profitable.

About DrayMaster

DrayMaster is an automated rate management platform that gives truckers, 3PLs, brokers and freight forwarders a single source for managing all of the rate complexities for intermodal drayage moves. With up-to-the-minute quotes that include current fuel and accessorial charges, DrayMaster users have an instant snapshot of their carrier network. 3PLs, brokers and freight forwarders can work faster and more efficiently with trucking partners, and trucking partners can offer their rate with more detail and speed to potential customers in a trusted and secure environment.

Media Contact: Bonnie Hanson bhanson@draymaster.com

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