Protecting Your Office From COVID-19

With the advent of the coronavirus (COVID-19), all sectors of our society – including freight brokerage businesses and employers – must play a role if we are to stop the spread of this disease. 

This is where Tailwind can help. You can use Tailwind to ensure that you’re in contact with your customers at all times, providing them with updates on their operations and ensuring that, as travel restrictions move into place, that their distribution chains are up and running.  

Additionally, the easy-to-use ideas below will help prevent the spread of infections in your workplace, not only COVID-19, but also other regular illnesses such as colds, flu and stomach bugs, and protect your customers, contractors and employees.  

Social distancing is a new way of working, carefully. 

Where feasible, adjust your working space and ways of interacting in order to reduce social contact. Try:  

  • Flexible hours and staggering start times. 
  • Increasing remote working arrangements using email, teleconferencing, and your web-based TMS system, like Tailwind TMS.
  • Relax your sick leave policies to support employees in self-isolating when ill. This includes suspending the need for medical proofs of illness from doctors, so that these important medical personnel can focus on caring for those who are unwell.  
  • Prepare for increases in absenteeism due to illness among employees and their families or possibly school closures. 
  • Access your business continuity plan for how to maintain key business functions if faced with high absenteeism. 
  • Consider the need for cross-training personnel to function in key positions in order to help your customers, so that you can focus on your business.  
  • Consider the risks and benefits related to upcoming business travel. It may be better for the health and safety of your employee if they attend meetings virtually. 

What can team members do to protect themselves? 

  • Ensure that everyone washes their hands for at least 20 seconds, rinsing thoroughly and using paper towels, after all interactions.  
  • Hand sanitizer should only be used when no soap is available; according to many health authorities, it is not a substitute for hand washing. If using hand sanitizer, one should rub their hands together, covering all surfaces, for a minimum of 20 seconds or until they’re dry.  
  • Employees should maintain a minimum of two meters or six feet away from each other.  
  • At all times, team members should avoid touching their face or eyes, especially before they have washed their hands. 
  • Employees should be made aware of the symptoms of COVID-19, as well as other viruses.  

As a whole, you can promote the idea of remote work across your organization. If there is an outbreak of COVID-19 in your community, the health authorities may advise people to stay at home anyway, and remote work will help your business keep operating while your employees stay safe. 

We can move forward, together.  

Despite this global health issue, we want to help you feel in control and safe. That’s why existing Tailwind Customers will receive Tailwind for free for any users added until the end of June 2020. That means that you’ll get the benefit of up to three months’ free use. 

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