Why Rate Control Matters

Keeping your rates secure is key to rate management. When you send your tariff sheet to customers through email you never know where it could end up, even in the hands of your competitors.

There’s a better way. Imagine if when customers query for pricing to/from specific ramps and ports, your company will show up. If they’re a current customer, your pre-defined rates for them show up too. If they aren’t a current customer, they can easily choose to connect with you. From there you decide whether you want to pursue working with them.  If you do, you may share your standard pricing or perhaps provide access to custom pricing.

With DrayMaster, this is exactly how it works. You control which 3PLs, freight forwarders and brokers see your tariff.  You can even have different rates or custom lanes and fees for different customers.  It doesn’t have to be one-size fits all and administration is simple.

You can have standard rates for new customers and even better rates for your preferred customers, if you like. If capacity gets tight or terminals you service become difficult, simply increase rates or apply terminal fees – you’re in total control.

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