#SheDrays Spotlight: Silvia Bricker

#SheDrays Spotlight: Silvia Bricker, Director of Customer Service, LBCT

Envase believes that a diverse team is a stronger team! In the Spring of 2022, we kicked off our gender diversity initiative, #SheDrays at the Harbor Trucking Association’s flagship event, DrayTech.

Our goal with the #SheDrays program is to shine a spotlight on women in our industry who are recognized by their peers as leaders, create opportunities for training and mentorship across all genders, and develop programs to attract and retain top female talent to our field (traditionally a male-dominated industry).

We are thrilled to spotlight our first leader, Silvia Bricker!

Silvia serves as the Director of Customer Service for Long Beach Container Terminal, one of the most efficient marine terminals in North America. When asked about why Silvia should be in the spotlight, LBCT team member Steve Ybarra stated, “Silvia is amazing! She is a book with it comes to everything that is going on as it pertains to cargo movement, issues, and exceptions at LBCT”.

We had the opportunity to learn more about Silvia and her positive impact on her team and the industry in the Q&A below. Thank you, Silvia, for inspiring us all!

#SheDrays Spotlight: Silvia Bricker | Long Beach, California

  • Company: Long Beach Container Terminal 
  • Title: Director, Customer Service

What are some of the top responsibilities in your role today?

Silvia:   I manage all activities associated with Customer Service, oversee, and coordinate cross-functionally the resolution of issues and concerns that impact both external and internal customers, ensure continuous improvement of processes, and systems to provide our customers with an excellent customer service experience.

#shedrays spotlight silvia bricker

When/how did you first get into the industry?

Silvia:   In 1992, I wanted a career change that could offer more opportunities. 

What’s one on-the-job skill you learned that you couldn’t do without today?

Silvia:   Adaptability 

Have you had any mentors or coaches help you in your journey (what impacts did they have)?

Silvia:   Yes, my father.  He taught me the importance of hard work, and to always strive to learn more, and never stop progressing. 

Do you have any advice for anyone (man or woman) looking to start a career in the industry? 

Silvia:   Never stop improving your job performance as well as your personal development and accept every challenge as an opportunity.

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