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Spring Clean Your Truck Using These 5 Tips

Cleaning a semi truck

One of your duties as a truck driver is maintaining the look, feel, and efficiency of your rig. This takes regular upkeep on a daily basis, but a once-per-year deep clean can also help. Spring is a great time to take advantage of the warmer weather for a major commercial truck cleaning. Cleaning inside and out can help extend the truck’s life and allow you to work more efficiently. Use these spring cleaning tips for a sparkling clean big rig that’s ready to hit the road.

Declutter Your Cab

Living in your truck can lead to a lot of clutter, just as it would in a normal home. The problem is that with limited space, even a small amount of clutter can make a big mess. Take springtime as an opportunity for a clean slate. Declutter your cab of all trash, food wrappers, old newspapers or magazines, food debris, full trash bags, and anything else that does not need to be in your cab. Look through all the electronics and other odds and ends taking up space in your compartments. Empty every storage space and shelf and decide what can go. Then, reorganize the items you keep.

Invest in a Shop Vacuum

A shop vacuum can make cleaning the inside of your rig easy. A shop vac with a brush attachment can clean your carpets and cushions with ease. Use a crevice attachment to vacuum deep in the cracks of your cab, where crumbs and dirt may fall. Thoroughly cleaning the inside of your cab with a shop vac at least once per year can help prevent serious buildups of dirt and debris. Follow up with leather or vinyl cleaner and conditioner for seats that shine. Leave all the doors to your rig open while you vacuum to let in some fresh springtime air.

Clean Out Your Sleeper Berth

Neglecting sleeper berth cleaning can lead to an accumulation of dust and even mold spores that could interfere with your sleep. Breathing in debris while you sleep can lead to respiratory problems and contribute to sleep apnea. At least once per year, take your mattress out of the sleeper berth. Strip and wash the linens. Beat the dust out of your mattress, then let it air out someplace while you clean the rest of your cab. Deep cleaning your sleep area can help your health and happiness.

Get the Exterior Sparkling

Once the inside of your truck is clean and organized, focus on the exterior. Start by pressure washing the entire thing on a low, safe setting for your paint job. The strong stream of water can eliminate stubborn dirt, mud, clay, and dead bugs. Get rid of any winter residue that may stick to the cracks and crevices, such as twigs, leaves, and mud. Hand wash areas that still have dirt or debris. Use a high-quality automotive soap and follow up with a coat of wax. Waxing can protect your paint job even in the harshest weather.

Replace Old Equipment

No matter where you live, spring is often one of the wettest seasons of the year. Heavy rainfall can make the roads even more dangerous than usual. Check your lights and windshield wipers as part of spring cleaning. Replace old equipment as necessary to make sure your rig can handle heavier rains this season.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally written for the GTG Technology Group, Spring Clean Your Truck Using These 5 Tips.

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