TCB Logistics Gets it Going

‘Without it, it would have been a nightmare. I guess I would have used some spreadsheets, or done it all on pen and paper, I don’t know,” said Carmine Iorio, the founder and CEO, of TCB Logistics

A new two-person brokerage company out of Clearwater Florida, Iorio founded the company in early 2018 launching out of his home office along with another part time agent.

Iorio shared his thoughts on what Tailwind’s Transportation Management Software-as-a-service platform is doing for his business.

“It brings everything together and allows me to track on my business.”

While new to freight brokering, Iorio has come  into the industry open-eyed, with a couple of customers who believed in him and his vision for the business. Along with his background in shipping & logistics and IT, Iorio had the recipe for success.

“We use Tailwind to keep track of all of our customers, vendors, and pick- up and drop-off locations, as well as for invoicing. It just keeps things organized for me.”

Perhaps I look at things a bit differently,” said Iorio. “Since I have been a customer of freight services companies, and have a background as a Developer, I looked at how I could apply my knowledge of both logistics and information technology to grow my business.”

So, it was natural for Iorio to turn to the web and look for a TMS system that was attuned to his particular needs as an emerging freight brokerage business. He first looked online for a system that he could get up and running quickly, something he could use to launch his business with little cost.

“Tailwind was actually the first system I looked at,” he related. “I attended a demo and I liked the user interface, the ease of use, and I just felt that that I would be supported as I worked with it. And that has proven to be the case, whether it has been through the live chat in the application, or phoning in to the Support department.”


Getting to the first 100 loads has been important to Iorio as he is learning more and more about freight brokering each day. Like most folks new to the industry he is open to working with all sorts of customers, just looking for an opportunity to get a foot in the door, a chance to prove his value to customers.

I feel that I have just touched the surface on what I can do in this business,” he shared. “And it’s probably the same for how I am using the Tailwind application – I am sure I will use it even more as my business grows.”

And never far away from his Developer roots, Iorio offered up a couple of suggestions for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Tailwind application.

“Hey, I gotta push you guys sometimes!” he said, “I push myself in my business, so I want to make sure you keep up with me.”

Yes, TCB Logistics is up and running, and Carmine Iorio has got it going.

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