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July ’22 Team Member Spotlight: Clifton Holloway

team member spotlight clifton holloway

Get to know this month’s Envase Team Member Spotlight: Clifton Holloway, Customer Support Representative at Envase Technologies. Don’t forget to check out our previous team member spotlight to learn more about the interesting people who make up the Envase team!

How long have you worked at Envase? What is your job & favorite part of it?

I have worked for Envase for 5 years this year! I am a support rep, focused on tablet support and implementation. My favorite part is the support role I get to play for the team. Managing 2500+ devices is never dull and always fun and interesting.

What is your favorite sport or team?

The mighty Anaheim Ducks and the former Anaheim Angels, I was born in Anaheim, and I always root for the home team!

Name one Envase member you would take on a road trip, where and why?

Although I have traveled with him before, I think Lee would be my choice. You always learn something new and interesting from him, and at least will always get a great laugh in his company.

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be and why?

My cliché answer – I do not think I would eliminate anything. I try to be grateful to have the routine each day and appreciate the experiences where I can.

What is a strong belief you have?

Integrity is always the answer!

What is your favorite food cuisine and name of your favorite dish?

Filet Mignon, medium rare, please!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To have control of time, even just to pause time at will. I feel like you could easily solve any problem if you had the time to deal with it, ha.

If you could be the character in a tv show, what character would you want to be?

Dwight Schrute, my TV Show hero!

One thing about you that no one knows at Envase

I am a USCF rated chess player. I love playing chess so if anyone wants to play a game, let me know! =)

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